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Consumers stunned as L'Oreal cosmetics model publicly sides with Middle East terrorists, calls Israel "child murderers"


The façade of inclusiveness quickly eroded away when the Muslim model’s anti-Israeli Twitter posts surfaced. ... She deleted her anti-Israel Tweets because they “do not represent the message of harmony” she supposedly stands for. "...

Iranian military commander threatens to kidnap and enslave Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu


The Israeli Air Force has been preparing for potential strikes on Iranian nuclear sites for many years in hopes of stopping them from developing nuclear weapons, although it remains unclear whether they have the ability to cripple the facilities on their own. Sources for this article include: JPost.com TimesOfIsrael.com Previous :AP fires journalist who caused global panic with inaccurate news alert claiming Russia fired missiles into Poland - More news on Benjamin Netanyahu Iranian military ...

Tom Renz lauds Stew Peters and his documentary "Died Suddenly" – Brighteon.TV


Forbes is not the only mainstream media (MSM) outlet smearing Peters’ documentary. described the documentary as “yet another desperate attempt by the anti-vaxx community to prove a ridiculous point.” ... Why are we not talking about the Israeli and U.K. data in the United States? Why are we covering that up and labeling it misinformation? "...

Ukraine-bound weapons shipments will end up in Iran's hands, former Israeli PM Netanyahu warns


He also urged Lapid and Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz to “stop the shouting.” ... Sources include: BigLeaguePolitics.com JPost.com Brighteon.com Previous :Australia following Communist China’s footsteps with digital ID system Next : Tokyo Disney Resort to charge unvaxxed patrons higher ticket fees - More news on Benjamin Netanyahu Ukraine-bound weapons shipments will end up in Iran’s hands, former Israeli PM Netanyahu warns Putin demands control of Alexander Courtyard in ...

Ex-Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu warns against sending weapons to Ukraine


(Related: Ukraine-bound weapons shipments will end up in Iran’s hands, former Israeli PM Netanyahu warns .) ... Watch the video below featuring Zelensky’s speech before the Israeli Parliament last March. "...

Steve Kirsch: Data shows COVID-19 vaccine is the MOST DANGEROUS vaccine ever made


In Israel, a confidential meeting between officials from the Ministry of Health and top Israeli scientists claims that the main reason scientists and Big Pharma never notified Israeli officials about the safety issues from the vaccines is because of budget and staffing issues. ... Newsom after he signs anti-freedom COVID ‘misinformation’ law Steve Kirsch: Data shows COVID-19 vaccine is the MOST DANGEROUS vaccine ever made Ex-naval officer Jack Maxey expounds on link between ...

ORGAN FACTORIES: Israeli company develops "artificial womb technology" to synthetically grow human embryos for organ harvesting


This is what an Israeli firm called Renewal Bio is reportedly . Piggy-backing off a similar concept that was unveiled by a research team at the , researchers at Renewal Bio say they are currently in the process of developing human embryos from stem cells using “artificial womb technology.” ... Renewal Bio says the goal of the project is to create a steady supply of human baby tissue for organ transplants and other “anti-aging procedures,” to quote CBN News. "...

Iran finally admits it is supplying Russia with combat drones


Ukraine has already admitted that it has an array of methods for deterring and shooting down enemy drones, including sending fighter jets and using shoulder-launched anti-tank and anti-air weapons systems. ... Ukraine-bound weapons shipments will end up in Iran’s hands, former Israeli PM Netanyahu warns . "...

Groundbreaking: Study detail show media, Big Tech censored doctors and scientists who challenged COVID narrative


Malone said the article also is notable because one of its authors, Yaffa Shir-Raz, “broke the story with video from the internal meeting at the Israeli ministry of health ” on “how they hid many of the key findings regarding the Pfizer mRNA vaccine adverse effects.” ... Shortly after that, they were subjected to denigration by the media, including being disparaged as “anti-vaxxers ,” “COVID deniers,” “dis/misinformation spreaders” and/or “conspiracy theorists.” "...

We FINALLY found a vaccine that Paul Offit doesn't endorse: the "bivalent booster" for covid


By definition, Offit is now officially an “anti-vaxxer,” at least according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary: “Definition of anti-vaxxer: a person who opposes the use of some or all vaccines, regulations mandating vaccination, or usually both.” ... Sources for this article include: SteveKirsch.substack.com NaturalNews.com Previous :ORGAN FACTORIES: Israeli company develops “artificial womb technology” to synthetically grow human embryos for organ harvesting Next : Soylent ...

Israel about to decriminalize marijuana


Apparently, Israeli police already have become rather lenient with recreational weed smokers. ... Israeli Anti-Drug Authority chief scientist Yossi Harel-Frisch said: “We are not decriminalizing cannabis. "...

Biden unfreezes $29 billion for Iran, handing huge gift to nation that promises to build nuclear weapons and bomb Israel


So, knowing that the Iranian regime supports terrorism and anti-Israel activities, why would you pay Iran off — unless you wanted to support anti-Israeli terrorism (because your boss, again, is a Muslim sympathizer)? ... “Iran did not come clean on its nuclear program,” then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during a global news conference that came on the heels of Israeli airstrikes against a pair of Iranian bases in neighboring Syria and as then-President ...

The Israel Guys: Israel's precision strikes took out terrorists in Gaza Strip – Brighteon.TV


(Related: Watch: Canada students chant ‘Jews are our dogs’ in anti-Israel protest .) ... More related stories: Israeli general says nation is on the verge of war with Iran – Brighteon.TV. "...

Zelensky signs decree ruling out peace talks with Putin as 'impossible'


(Article by Dave DeCamp republished from News.AntiWar.com ) The decree was first put forward by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. ... Read more at: News.AntiWar.com Previous :Authorities: CEO of election software company sent American poll workers’ data to China Next : FBI chief was found dead after exposing sickening truth about the elite - More news on big government EU’s Ursula von der Leyen needs to resign IMMEDIATELY over covid “vaccine” scam, says Romanian ...

POLL: San Francisco residents most likely to move to different city due to high crime rate and homelessness


DA Boudin’s anti-incarceration policies blamed for San Francisco’s crime crisis In June, citizens were more than fed up with the state of the city and voted to oust District Attorney Chesa Boudin, whose anti-incarceration policies were being blamed for being the cause of the crisis. ... Sources include: DailyMail.co.uk WashingtonExaminer.com Brighteon.com Previous :Chad Caton gets “fired up” over AZ gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs’ stammering answers about Hispanic community ...

Armageddon is closer than you think


The Nazi, anti-Russian government that Washington installed in Ukraine began physically abusing the Russian population of former Russian provinces that Soviet rulers had incorporated into the Soviet Ukrainian province.Crimea, a part of Russia since the 1700s, was attached to Ukraine by Khrushchev in 1956, and the Donbass was attached to Ukraine by earlier Soviet rulers. ... Putin does not even defend Syria, a country he rescuedfrom Washington’s conquest, from Israeli attacks. "...

Do your favorite foods contain chitin, a substance derived from the exoskeletons of INSECTS?


“Soybean seeds coated by chitosan had anti-feeding effects and protected against several insect pests, and coating rice seeds increased antifungal effect, stimulated seeding growth, improved root system, and increased crop yield,” reports explain. ... Edible insects could be headed to UK supermarkets as global elites’ push to replace meat intensifies Vegan alternative proteins “tainted” by meat companies’ investments, say critics Israeli company that produces 3D-printed fake meat ...

B-Alert News: Jonathan Feldstein discusses prophecies in Israel with Bishop Leon Benjamin – Brighteon.TV


His father, a first-generation Israeli, was born in Israel. His uncles and aunts on his father’s side all went to New York after the war. ... Scott Lively: Anti-Zionism just a new name for Jew hatred – Brighteon.TV . Clay Clark drops TRUTH BOMBS involving globalist elites and the fulfillment of Scriptures . "...

Report warns American military ammo and weapon stockpiles are “dangerously low” as Biden sends yet more weapons to Ukraine


They’ve also sent more than 1,400 Stinger anti-aircraft systems and 8,500 javelin anti-armor systems, along with more than 32,000 other types of anti-armor systems that were produced by various suppliers. ... Wade if Dems take control in 2022 midterms Prisoner swap: Biden eager to trade Russian arms dealer for basketball player before midterms China luring ex-RAF pilots to pass on their expertise to PLA Air Force After disastrous inflation numbers are released, Biden’s ...

Cancel culture insanity - Children's book society cancels its own "inclusion officer" over backlash about harmless post


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