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The Bergamot fruit, more used for perfumes and Earl Grey tea, found to be a natural anti-cholesterol remedy


The Bergamot fruit, more used for perfumes and Earl Grey tea, found to be a natural anti-cholesterol remedy Saturday, June 16, 2018 by: Michelle Simmons alternative medicine , anti-cancer , Bergamot , bergamot extracts , cancer stem cells , cholesterol , food as medicine , food cures , food science , goodfood , healing foods , natural cures , natural remedy , superfoods - (Natural News ) A study published in the Science Direct journal Bioenergetics found that ...

Study: Eating more shiitake mushrooms can reduce the effects of a high-fat diet


A Japanese study revealed that the superfood’s anti-cholesterol activity could be boosted further if paired with medium-chain triglyceride. ... Testing the anti-cholesterol activity of shiitake extracts The researchers constructed an animal model. "...

Lemon water with honey: 6 health benefits of this home remedy


Lemons are also low in saturated fats and cholesterol. Honey, on the other hand, has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that can help treat wounds and acne. ... Lemons contain vitamin C, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Meanwhile, honey is known for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. "...

Here's why bee pollen is considered a goldmine of nutrition


Supports heart health A study published in the journal Nutrients reported that supplementing diets with polyphenol-rich ethanol extract of bee pollen (EEP) resulted in lowering total cholesterol and triglyceride levels . ... Bee pollen is also added to anti-dandruff shampoos since it limits fungal growth and stops the itching of the scalp. "...

7 SCARIEST prescription medications, according to Big Pharma's own warnings


Cholesterol Medications #5. Blood Thinners #6. Oral Chemotherapy #7. Paxlovid – Pfizer’s “anti-viral” pill – causes rebound of COVID-19 infection Even when “taken as directed,” these prescription drugs are still much more dangerous than the conditions they are intended to treat Imagine going to the hospital because you catch a light case of COVID-19, and the doctors, just to be “safe,” put you on prescription Remdesivir , and your kidneys begin failing. ... Then there is Paxlovid ...

4 Health benefits of cinnamon, a powerful spice that can help reduce blood sugar levels


4 Health benefits of cinnamon, a powerful spice that can help reduce blood sugar levels Wednesday, July 06, 2022 by: Zoey Sky alternative medicine , anti-inflammatory , antioxidants , blood sugar , cholesterol , cinnamaldehyde , cinnamon , food cures , food is medicine , food science , functional food , goodfood , goodhealth , goodmedicine , herbal medicine , Herbs , natural cures , natural health , natural medicine , remedies , superfoods This article may contain statements that ...

3 Health benefits of black cumin seed oil


Recent reports also suggest the oil has anti-allergy effects and offers heart benefits. ... Many studies have confirmed that taking black cumin seed oil for eight to 12 weeks significantly reduces total cholesterol levels and unhealthy low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or “bad” cholesterol, levels. "...

Boost your heart, brain and digestive health with rutin, an antioxidant flavonoid


Rutin also helps promote heart health by lowering blood pressure and reducing “bad” LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol while raising levels of “good” HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. ... Buckthorn, known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, found to protect against acute lung injury . "...

The science-backed health benefits of acai berries


Anti-cancer Another study that was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry demonstrated the bioactive effects of acai polyphenols in their glucoside and aglycone forms on the anti-proliferation and induction of apoptosis (“cell death”) in leukemia cells. ... Cholesterol-lowering and anti-diabetic A study published in the journal PLoS One reported on the growing evidence on the protective role of acai berry polyphenols and exercise training against ...

Lower your blood sugar and keep your glucose levels balanced with these foods


Following a high-fiber diet can help improve “blood sugar balance and the concentration of lipoprotein or cholesterol in diabetic patients,” said Gandhi. ... Lipitor, a statin drug commonly prescribed to lower cholesterol, INCREASES risk of Type 2 diabetes . "...

Top 6 anti-aging superfoods you can add to your diet


You can find more articles about other anti-aging superfoods at Superfoods.news . ... From kimchi to kefir, these are the best anti-aging foods you’ll find anywhere . "...

Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and more: the health benefits of cinnamon


Has anti-inflammatory properties Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory properties that help the body fight infections and repair tissue damage. ... An old study conducted on a group of 60 men and women with type 2 diabetes saw that cinnamon could improve triglyceride, blood glucose, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels. "...

Study: Quercetin offers key benefits for your heart and immune system


Extensive population studies have revealed that people with diets rich in quercetin have low cholesterol levels and decreased incidence of heart disease and death. ... In studies, this translates to quercetin having potential anti-allergy, antiviral and immune-stabilizing abilities. "...

Study: Cherries can help fight heart disease, diabetes and other inflammatory diseases


They also have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity and anti-diabetic properties. ... At the same time, they help increase HDL cholesterol levels, along with the antioxidant capacity of the blood. "...

Compounds in celery found to reduce cholesterol and prevent tumor growth in animal study


Compounds in celery found to reduce cholesterol and prevent tumor growth in animal study Thursday, November 26, 2020 by: Evangelyn Rodriguez alternative medicine , anti-tumor , Celery , cholesterol-lowering , food cures , food is medicine , functional food , goodfood , goodhealth , goodmedicine , goodscience , hyperlipidemia , natural cures , natural medicine , phytonutrients , research , superfoods , veggie Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.hangthecensors....

Food storage tips: 11 Superfoods that boost your nutrient intake


It can help prevent cancer and lower cholesterol. Garlic is also a natural blood sugar stabilizer and immunity booster. ... Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and it contains compounds that boost brain health and protect against heart disease. "...

10 Medicinal uses of black cumin seed essential oil


Black cumin essential oil is an an effective natural agent in reducing the force of heart contractions; increasing urine output activity that helps rid your body of excess salt and water; and lowering blood cholesterol and supporting cardiovascular system health. Anti-inflammatory According to a study published in the journal Phytotherapy Research, both systemic and local administration of black cumin seed essential oil showed anti-inflammatory activity . "...

Moringa leaves show promise as a prebiotic with anti-obesity effects


In addition, the mice had more of a gut bacteria strain known for its anti-obesity properties. ... Fruits, vegetables and spices are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. "...

Pumpkin seed oil found to reduce hypertension risk in postmenopausal women


In addition, their high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, or “good” cholesterol, may decrease, which also puts them at risk of cardiovascular disease. ... Pumpkin seed oil is packed with phytosterols that block cholesterol absorption and help lower cholesterol levels. - Improved urinary function. "...

Tocotrienol replaces tocopherol as the new face of vitamin E


Tocotrienols were only discovered in the mid-1960s and did not attract attention until the 1980s and 1990s when their powerful neuroprotective, anti-cancer and cholesterol-lowering properties were described in studies. ... Tocotrienols possess powerful neuroprotective, anti-cancer and cholesterol-lowering properties that are not often exhibited by tocopherols. "...