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Natural News releases new app for Android and iPhone ... get it here


Natural News releases new app for Android and iPhone … get it here Tuesday, July 18, 2017 by: Mike Adams Android , app , Apple , Google Play , iPhone , iTunes , Natural.news - (Natural News ) We’ve just released an exciting new app on both Android and Apple platforms. ... For Android: Click here to get the app on Google Play (for Android devices) . Find the installation and usage instructions for Android devices ...

How to Install/Use the Natural News App for Android - NaturalNews.com


How to Install/Use the Natural News App for Android Updated Friday, July 14, 2017 Installing the app If you have a previous version of our app installed, please uninstall it first. Step 1: Find our app in the Google Play Store Click here on your Android device to be taken directly to the download page in the Google Play Store. "...

Android smartphone software tracks every user action and keystroke, analysis finds


Android smartphone software tracks every user action and keystroke, analysis finds Thursday, December 08, 2011 by: Ethan A. ... But Trevor Eckhart, a developer of Android "app" software and a security researcher, conducted a test on his own personal Android phone and found that the software keeps an active record of every keystroke made, every text message sent, and where users conduct such activity - and it sends all this information directly to Carrier IQ. "...

Former Google engineers warn the EVIL corporation must be stopped


The senior researcher said he is fearful of Google’s ambitions ; the corporation is working with China to build an Android app that covertly censors and monitors Chinese citizens online. ... Google working in private to censor Chinese citizens Google admits they have been working with China for several years to develop Android and other mobile apps such as Google Translate and Files Go. "...

Researchers discover more than 3,300 Android apps used to track children improperly


Researchers discover more than 3,300 Android apps used to track children improperly Friday, May 25, 2018 by: David Williams app store , apps , Cell Phone Dangers , child safety , children , COPPA , dangerous tech , data breach , data collection , data scandal , Facebook , Google , Google Play , mobile apps , online privacy , online tracking , privacy , smartphone platforms , smartphone use , Smartphones , surveillance , technology - (Natural News ) In the hands of someone who knows ...

False alarm: NHS coronavirus tracing app sends out "ghost notifications" to iOS and Android users


False alarm: NHS coronavirus tracing app sends out “ghost notifications” to iOS and Android users Saturday, October 17, 2020 by: Ramon Tomey Android , Apple , badhealth , badmedicine , badscience , Big Tech , contact tracing , coronavirus , coronavirus app , coronavirus exposure , covid-19 , covid-19 exposure , false alarm , Glitch , Google , iOS , mobile phone OS , mobile phone platform , operating system , outbreak , pandemic , phantom notifications , phone ...

DO MORE EVIL: Google turns Android phones into vaccine passports


The app, called MassNotify, was launched in Massachusetts on June 15. Since then, a number of Android phone users in the state reported that the app had been automatically installed on their phones without warning or consent. ... On Android phones, that express process automatically creates a custom app for a state. "...

Report: Google Android lets apps track you regardless of permissions


ICSI researchers investigated 88,000 Android apps to determine if app developers were using covert channels to gather information about users which could be given to advertisers. ... Peter King Next : The Autism blame game: This time, it’s the womb - More news on Android DOJ finally files antitrust lawsuit against Google False alarm: NHS coronavirus tracing app sends out “ghost notifications” to iOS and Android users After covid, your entire life will ...

Android messages and dialer apps quietly send data to Google, report alleges


From the Messages app, Google gets a SHA256 hash generated from the content and timestamp. ... However, it does not detail exactly what is collected from the Dialer and Messages app. "...

Tesla's keyless remote app fails and leaves driver stranded with no vehicle or cell service


Ryan Negri was driving his Tesla Model S, which promotes keyless entry and a smartphone app that allows you to unlock and start your car from your phone through either Apple or Android apps. ... Navy pilots Tesla’s keyless remote app fails and leaves driver stranded with no vehicle or cell service - Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews.com/2017-01-24-teslas-keyless-remote-app-fails-and-leaves-driver-stranded-with-no-vehicle-or-cell-service....

It’s not your imagination -- your phone really is spying on you: Hundreds of Android apps use the microphone to secretly monitor and record your TV habits


It’s not your imagination — your phone really is spying on you: Hundreds of Android apps use the microphone to secretly monitor and record your TV habits Tuesday, January 09, 2018 by: Michelle Simmons Android , Apple , Apple app store , apps , gaming apps , Glitch , Google , Google Play store , privacy , security , Smartphones , spying , surveillance , technology , television , TV , TV viewing - (Natural News ) Your phone is actually spying on you. ... Sources include: ...

Medical marijuana activist app launched


The largest medical cannabis advocacy group in the country, Americans for Safe Access, recently launched a free iPhone app for marijuana activists. ... The app also lists local businesses that support the work of ASA. Although the app is currently available for only for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices, it will be expanded to Android and mobile devices soon. "...

Arizona sues Google for illegally tracking location data for Android users


According to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, the company illegally tracked Android users’ location data without their consent. ... Users would have to go into Android’s system settings and to turn off broader system-level tracking to stop Google from gathering location data . "...

Smartphone app developed to detect heart disease


Smartphone app developed to detect heart disease Thursday, May 31, 2018 by: Michelle Simmons app , cardiovascular problems , future tech , heart attack , heart attack diagnosis , heart disease , heart problem , inventions , medical technology , science , smartphone app , Smartphones - (Natural News ) Detecting heart disease is now easier – thanks to a team of researchers at the University of Southern California who have developed a smartphone app that can measure ...

More than 30 states sue Google over anticompetitive tactics used to thwart competition


In their complaint, the states alleged that Google controls 90 percent of the market for Android apps, and no other Android app store has more than a 5 percent market share. ... Android smartphones, from gaining ground with its Samsung Galaxy Store; and has paid app developers to prevent them from removing their app from its Play Store and encouraging customers to directly download updates. "...

Flaw in South Korea's coronavirus self-quarantine app exposes users to data theft


Flaw in South Korea’s coronavirus self-quarantine app exposes users to data theft Wednesday, July 22, 2020 by: Franz Walker Android , app , Apple , Big Tech , bugs , computing , cyber war , Glitch , hack , hacker , hacking , internet , iOS , mobile , privacy , security , South Korea , surveillance , tech , technology Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/442658.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) In its battle against the deadly Wuhan coronavirus ...

Google has become the most evil corporate entity in the world, crushing human rights to aid communist regimes in oppressing freedom


Google’s new custom Android app, called “Maotai” and “Longfei,” is set to launch throughout China within the next year. ... The new Google search app for Android will automatically filter out websites that have already been blacklisted by China’s Great Firewall. "...

Smartphone app helps doctors monitor men's sexual health problems


The app, called the University of Washington Peyronie's Examination Network (UWPEN), is designed to help men capture images of the disease's progress without having to be physically probed or measured. ... Men with a recent diagnosis or a suspected case of Peyronie's may soon have the opportunity to track their condition in the privacy of their own homes with the UWPEN app. "...

Boycott GMO-supporting companies by leveraging data from the Buycott App


There's more information in a barcode than meets the eye When using the Buycott app, which is currently available in the iTuness App Store (with the Android version coming soon), it will first determine the brand the product belongs to. ... The app's quick rise in popularity has caused server crashes and app slow downs but it seems they are working on resolving those issues rather quickly. "...

More Zuckerberg crimes EXPOSED: Internal documents prove that Facebook is a lawless, data-mining criminal operation


Facebook further violated user privacy by conducting secret global surveys of mobile app usage without consent Many of our readers will recall a story we published earlier this year about how Facebook had allegedly breached the private call logs and contacts of Android mobile phone users. ... Within these now-released documents is an email dated February 4, 2015, from a Facebook engineer who admitted that Facebook’s Android app contained the ability to “continually ...