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Elizabeth Warren's ancestor was a TRAITOR against Native Americans, just like Warren is a traitor against all Americans today


Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812, fighting against Indian allies of Great Britain in what are now Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. ... Jackson’s trusted understudy in the War of 1812. When the Creek Indians rose up to massacre white settlers in Alabama in 1813 and President James Madison ordered Jackson to defend the area, Capt. "...

Radical Left now attempting to memory-hole America... calls for taking down statues of Washington, Jefferson and Founding Fathers


Dukes also wants the city to remove Andrew Jackson’s name from nearby Jackson Park, again because he was a slave owner. He says Washington Park should be renamed after former black Chicago Mayor Harold Washington, and to rename Jackson Park after the legendary race-baiter and race hustler Jesse Jackson. "...

How to permanently correct the broken voting system: Put serial numbers and watermarks on all voting ballots, just like we do with currency


On a twenty dollar bill, there’s a watermark of Andrew Jackson’s face . That could easily be put on every voting ballot from now on. "...

“Obama judge” Amy Berman Jackson refuses to hold off sentencing Roger Stone despite the fact that LEAD juror lied about her anti-Trump bias


This was evident once again this week as was demonstrated by an “Obama judge” — Amy Berman Jackson of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. ... Stone’s legal team has attempted twice to convince Berman Jackson to hold a new trial because he deserves one. "...

Amid Confederate flag racism uproar, a reminder that Obama's ancestors once owned slaves


As reported by The Weekly Standard , she appeared June 26 at the Virginia Democratic party's Jefferson-Jackson Dinner on Friday in northern Virginia. That would be Thomas Jefferson, U.S. president and slave owner, and Andrew Jackson, U.S. president and slave owner. "...

Facts feared by leftist media: The Democratic Party - rooted in racism


. - Following the election of 1828 , the Democratic Party sent it’s first president to the White House – notorious racist Andrew Jackson. During his presidency, Jackson perpetrated the forced relocation of Native Americans from the southeastern United States to Oklahoma, known as the Trail of Tears . - As the 1860 election ushered in the first Republican president, abolitionist Abraham Lincoln, every slave state that would make up the future Confederacy, except Virginia ...

Newt Gingrich: 2020 election may be biggest presidential theft since 1824


(Article by Ivan Pentchoukov republished from TheEpochTimes.com ) “The more data comes out on vote anomalies that clearly are not legitimate the more it looks like 2020 may be the biggest Presidential theft since Adams and Clay robbed Andrew Jackson in 1824. "...

Navajo communities are constantly poisoned with toxic drinking water... so where's their media attention?


Andrew Jackson (the US President on the $20 bill) signed the "Indian Removal Act" into law in 1830. "...

Georgia Gov. Kemp calls for legitimate signature audit of mail-in ballots after damning CCTV video exposes massive election fraud


But in reality, they deserve to be considered heroes for what they are doing to expose the biggest and most blatant election fraud since 1824 when Andrew Jackson was robbed of the presidency. "...

VACCINE HOAX unveiled as rigorous scientific study finds NO reduction in measles, mumps, rubella, influenza or rotavirus among vaccinated children


Andrew Wakefield and his team found a link between the MMR vaccine and inflammatory bowel disease. ... Therefore, the Jackson State scientists are calling for more trustworthy scientific studies to help explain and clarify their findings to protect the health and wellbeing of our children. "...

Jan. 6 protester jailed for months without bail finally RELEASED as Trump makes pledge to pardon them all


“Adam Jackson retained me in June after a TX Judge locked him up for protesting on J6. ... Brian Jackson hurled a flagpole at officers,” the press release further claims. "...

Newt Gingrich: Why I will not accept Biden as my President


In 2016, I supported an outsider candidate, who was rough around the edges and in the Andrew Jackson school of controversial assaults on the old order. "...

Roger Stone files emergency appeal for new trial after discovering that lead juror in his case was anti-Trump hack who referred to president KKK member


Roger Stone files emergency appeal for new trial after discovering that lead juror in his case was anti-Trump hack who referred to president KKK member Saturday, February 15, 2020 by: JD Heyes amy berman jackson , andrew napolitano , anti-Trump bias , biased , federal court , foreperson , juror , jurors , justice system , left cult , mistrial , President Trump , prosecutors , rigged , Robert Mueller , Roger Stone , Tomeka Hart , Trump bias , Twisted Bypass censorship by sharing ...

Just as Adams warned, Leftists judges are now ordering the prison TORTURE of political opponents in America


Andrew Cuomo, who gleefully signed it, ordered lights on New York’s tallest buildings illuminated in pink as a celebratory gesture. ... Over the course of hearing his cases, Jackson has been abnormally abusive to Manafort’s legal team as well as to Manafort himself. "...

Lead juror in Roger Stone case found to be biased former Dem congressional candidate; should trigger an immediate MISTRIAL


District Judge Amy Berman Jackson, an Obama appointee. But then, within 24 hours of that outrage new reports began to surface about the extremely biased nature of the lead juror in the case, Tomeka Hart. ... Her remarks and obvious bias make for conditions that demand a new trial for Stone, according to Fox News legal analyst and former state judge Andrew Napolitano. "...

Nolte: The new segregationists in the media outlaw criticizing people of color


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Medical marijuana advancements: New York legalizes as California and Arizona expand


According to USA Today, the legislation was passed mid-June and signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo in New York on July 7th. ... Source for this article include: http://www.cnn.com/2014/07/07/health/new-york-medical-marijuana/ http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/279457.php http://www.usatoday.com About the author: Bri Jackson is a Certified Personal Trainer and author of the Health & Wellness Blog at www.brittgotfit.com . "...

State lawmakers unanimously pass free speech bill. Professors oppose the effort.


David Jackson of the Ohio chapter of the American Association of University Professors, opposed the bill. “There is a substantial difference between banning an idea and disallowing a controversial speaker that would cause massive disruption and create crowds that campus police could not control,” Jackson told the Dispatch. "...

Communities news, articles and information:


Communities news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It 2/5/2016 - Andrew Jackson (the US President on the $20 bill) signed the "Indian Removal Act" into law in 1830. "...



Recognizing the dismal health record among America’s youth, a group of pharmacies in Jackson, Mo., has pledged to donate free vitamins to local schoolchildren in an effort to improve childhood health. "...