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Nazi symbolism news, articles and information:


Nazi symbolism news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It Amazon now plastering Nazi symbolism across NYC while banning books that question the government 11/25/2015 - In recent days, Natural News readers have learned that the world's biggest online retailer, Amazon, is also one giant hypocrite. ... Subscribe to the Health Ranger's FREE email newsletter Follow @HealthRanger Concepts related to Nazi symbolism Nazi symbolism on NaturalPedia™ Today's Top Stories ...

Amazon now plastering Nazi symbolism across NYC while banning books that question the government


In recent days, Natural News readers have learned that the world's biggest online retailer, Amazon, is also one giant hypocrite. "...

FBI whistleblower shockingly reveals what bureau really thinks about conservatives and Trump-supporting, law-abiding Americans


The same document also makes a reference to Ruby Ridge, Waco, and even Timothy McVeigh in an attempt to link traditional American symbolism with radical and violent events that happened decades ago (and all on then-President Bill Clinton’s watch, by the way). ... Sources include: ProjectVeritas.com NaturalNews.com TheEpochTimes.com Previous :Major red flags go up after Biden’s Census Bureau asks gun holster companies for detailed sales records Next : Bank failures coming: Raft of ...

UNREAL: Twitter now censoring GIFs of the U.S. flag being planted on the moon... revisionist history run amok


For your Info. > > — Clarence Swirly (@ClarenceSwirly) August 31, 2018 “That’s not the Neil Armstrong I knew,” Yeager responded. > That's not the Neil Armstrong I knew > > — Chuck Yeager (@GenChuckYeager) August 31, 2018 The Left hates American symbolism, period Swirly’s tweet and Yeager’s response started a string of additional responses and reactions, as is the nature of the Twitter platform. ... Would any film portrayal of the American Marines who fought and died on ...

Pope Francis' American cardinals are pro-LGBT revolutionaries with a radical agenda for the Church


In addition to their newfound influence, the Pope’s liberal American cardinals have a radical agenda that aims at nothing less than revolution in the Church. ... The rest of Pope Francis’ American cardinals share his great interest in Amoris Laetitia and have aligned themselves with his interpretation of it. "...

Hillary Clinton claims she's an 'everyday American' while getting $600 haircut and refusing to answer questions for U.S. voters


In October 1993, then-President Bill Clinton raised a ruckus nationwide when it was reported that he was responsible for delaying air traffic at Los Angeles International Airport for hours so he could get a haircut from a Hollywood stylist to the stars. "...

The book burning begins: Movies, book covers and computer games being banished... calls for taking down the American flag, bulldozing Southern memorials, removing flags from children's toys and more


America run by the ravenous thought police, you can't even write about American history if you show the flag! ... • Taking it all one step further, Louis Farrakhan is now suggesting that the American flag needs to come down! "...

If MEN can have periods like loony liberals believe, then they must also believe men can have ABORTIONS


It’s only a matter of time, we predict, before Planned Parenthood jumps into the mix and begins offering fake abortions for biological men – paid for by American taxpayers, of course. ... If a man wants to stuff a tampon in his undies and pretend he’s having that “time of the month,” then this is a legitimate expression of his “self-identity” that’s to be taken seriously not just by American corporations like Procter & Gamble (P&G) , but also by all of American society....

Pro-Monsanto think tank helped funnel Republican money into the Hillary Clinton campaign


The president of a conservative nonprofit organization assisted a billionaire Clinton donor with securing the support of Republicans for , the donor – Lynn Forester de Rothschild – disclosed in an email to John Podesta, The Daily Callerreported . ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on American Enterprise Institute at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on American Enterprise Institute Bride of Frankenfood: Hillary Clinton pushes GMO ...

One of the best antibiotics is right in your kitchen -- and it's far better than conventional drugs


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Jimmy Kimmel blasted for satanic skit promoting INFANTICIDE


“It isn’t unusual to see satanic symbolism subliminally planted in ‘entertainment’ coming from Hollywood. ... See more news about the evil of Jimmy Kimmel at JimmyKimmel.news Watch this video that explains why Jimmy Kimmel represents everything wrong with American entertainment . "...

PBS interviews neo-Nazi Ukrainian mayor while blurring image of "Hitler accomplice"


“My weapon is American, and I feel like our occupiers will be pleased that we are killing them with American weapons,” he said. ... “But we are continuing to ban all hate speech, hate symbolism, praise of violence, generic praise, support, or representation of the Azov Regiment, and any other content that violates our community standards,” the spokesperson added. "...

Media blackout over "unimaginable" radiation levels detected at Fukushima... MOX fuel melts through reactor floor... half life of 24,000 years


While everyone was busy watching Lady Gaga channel Satanic symbolism and occult imagery in front of 100 million viewers at the Superbowl, the Fukushima nuclear accident just got a whole lot worse. ... Adams is a person of color whose ancestors include Africans and American Indians. "...

Fauci says he's now pushing masks after previously saying they weren't needed because of supply shortages


The “symbolism,” then, has somehow become science, according to Fauci, who says that he previously opposed face masks due to concerns about “the public health community” not having access to so-called PPE, or personal protective equipment. ... Americans could be advised to wear masks forever if the official numbers “justify” it As for how long the American people will be told to wear them, Fauci and other “experts” say it will all depend on the number of new cases. "...

Halftime HELL: Satan speaks through Lady Gaga to declare dominion over the Earth (while Pope Francis blesses) (satire)


Adams is a person of color whose ancestors include Africans and American Indians. He is of Native American heritage , which he credits as inspiring his “Health Ranger” passion for protecting life and nature against the destruction caused by chemicals, heavy metals and other forms of pollution. "...

Powerful corporations appease mentally ill transgender activists who demand the complete elimination of all symbols of gender and biology


Keep in mind that nobody has ever tried to stop biological males who identify as transgenders from purchasing tampons simply because the product box contained female symbolism. ... For more related news about the gender insanity that’s infecting virtually every area of American life, be sure to check out Gender.news . "...

100 million guns now in the hands of Americans who oppose Obama and his army of brain-dead leftist zombies


But you also know that the show packs no small amount of symbolism – i.e. the "zombie masses" can be equated to the masses of Americans who are largely or totally reliant on government programs, systems and protection that no longer exist. ... Women and blacks now acquiring concealed carry permits in record numbers Public health and guns: The assertion that more guns equals more violent crime is false, say Harvard researchers American high schools embrace shooting as a sport and ...

Olympic athletes to be taxed on their medals and income


However, along with a $800 medal and its symbolism, the US Olympic Committee also awards a cash prize of $25,000 to gold medal winners, $15,000 to silver medal winners and $10,000 for bronze. So if an American gold medalist wins a $800 medal and $25,000 cash, they must add $25,800 to their total income. "...

Sicko Left-wing Americans take to the Twitter sewer to mock Vanessa Trump after white powder letter scare


This is beyond sick — it’s threatening, and it’s wrong, and whoever is doing it should be found, arrested, and forced to explain just what is meant by the “symbolism” of sending white powder through the mail to the president’s family. ... As you already know, our president is a huge fan of Twitter, but he uses it to talk directly to the American people, without having his comments altered out of context by a disgustingly dishonest “mainstream media.” "...