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Alchemy news, articles and information:


Alchemy news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It Mystic Cookbook: The secret alchemy of food 2/12/2013 . ... Subscribe to the Health Ranger's FREE email newsletter Follow @HealthRanger Concepts related to Alchemy alchemy on NaturalPedia™ Today's Top Stories on NaturalNews Today . "...

Manuscripts by astronomer Kepler show that he 'may have practiced alchemy'


Kepler had previously worked with Brahe in Prague in the court of the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II, who was, like Brahe, also a firm devotee of alchemy. ... The researchers point out that during Kepler’s lifetime, alchemy was still a popular “science.” "...

Golden Path Alchemy Launches Line of Truly Natural Botanical Skin Care Products Containing Zero Chemical Additives


The company is called Golden Path Alchemy (www.GoldenPathAlchemy.com ), and it's a very small company that still makes everything by hand. ... I am here with Ashley Beckman of Golden Path Alchemy who has a unique line of natural skin care and personal care products . "...

ABRACADABRA: Vaccine and pharmaceutical WITCHCRAFT and how evil laboratory warlocks "conjure" the deadly concoctions


The “voodoo” of gain of function viruses for harming humans and the black magic “alchemy” of prescription drugs that contain deadly animal venom peptides There is no more insidious way to “curse” humans than to make their “medicine” and vaccines toxic and lethal. ... The following are some examples of the parallel between evil alchemy and modern “medicine.” - The “voodoo” of gain of function – like casting a spell on humans to get sick from animal diseases. - The “alchemy” ...

Gold ash powder - Myanmarese shaman and healer offers his secret concoction to the world


U Shein Sayargyi has been using the centuries old tradition of alchemy to produce gold ash powder, a remedy that he claims "is able to improve significantly or even heal serious diseases (like hepatitis, cancer, and AIDS)." ... Alchemy process Swarna Bhasma, the calcined powder of gold, has a long history of use in Ayurveda, India`s ancient healing system. "...

Chi: Discover Your Source of Health, Healing and Longevity, Part I


The Chin emperor was deeply interested in alchemy as a means to attain longevity and kept many alchemists in his court. He followed the misguided external school of alchemy which, like their medieval counterparts, was attempting to create a "golden pill" of immortality derived from minerals, heavy metals and toxic herbs. "...

New York Times admits that SNAKE VENOM is used to formulate Big Pharma's dangerous drugs


The Times describes venomics as “modern-day scientific alchemy,” and that is precisely what it is: The manipulation and transformation of animal defense materials into drug “medicines.” "...

A generation of poisoning with gender-bender chemicals has created a new class of youth who fail to recognize gender at all


Young girls are becoming more "masculine," while young boys are becoming more "feminine" – an alchemy of the two sexes both physically and mentally that's changing the landscape of culture and civilization. "...

New raw products at the NaturalNews store: Royal Jelly and Cayenne Garlic raw hot sauces


The certified organic raw royal jelly powder is from Immortality Alchemy and is perhaps the only certified organic raw royal jelly powder available today. "...

Contagious emotions: Study suggests dogs mirror owner's stress levels


Sources include: DailyMail.co.uk Nature.com ScienceDirect.com Previous :An essential guide to understanding B-vitamins Next : Manuscripts by astronomer Kepler show that he ‘may have practiced alchemy’ - More news on dog health Contagious emotions: Study suggests dogs mirror owner’s stress levels Your dog needs some face time with the pack: Study on canine health reveals playtime helps reduce long-term stress levels Pet care 101: How to deal with a dog that’s a picky eater Your dogs deserve ...

New brain implants are so microscopic, you won't even know that you've been implanted


This is often the excuse linked to human-machine alchemy projects - it's to help people! "...

Announcing the Best Weekend Ever Event, Anaheim, CA, November 14 - 16, 2008


Truth Calkin, for his part, is a modern-day living legend of medicinal alchemy. "...

Olympian Michael Phelps Flakes Out with Paid Endorsement of Frosted Flakes Cereal


Continuing the destructive alchemy, Phelps has also transformed himself from a likeable champion to a corporate-sponsored jerk who puts his own profits ahead of the welfare of his millions of fans. "...

EEStor Technology: The End of Batteries?


Some have even invoked the term alchemy - a word used in its derogatory sense to discredit 'pipe dream' inventions. "...

Coonridge Dairy raises organic, free-range goats naturally with no fences


"Watching that alchemy, that transformation of milk into curd into cheese is wonderful," said Coonridge. "...

Ashwagandha is the super adaptogen


J Ethnopharmacol. 2004 Aug;93(2-3):359-61. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Withania_somnif... http://www.alchemy-works.com/withania_somnif... "...

Natural ways to treat dark spots on black skin


Sources include: MedicalNewsToday.com Elle.com AAD.org NCBI.NLM.NIH.gov Healthline.com 1 Healthline.com 2 MDPI.com Previous :Manuscripts by astronomer Kepler show that he ‘may have practiced alchemy’ Next : Just say No to drunk “droning”: Japan to fine offenders $2800 - More news on alternative medicine Priscilla Romans tells Robert Scott Bell: Life changes for people who are in control of their healthcare – Brighteon.TV 5 Most effective alternative remedies that health experts confirm are ...

Oldest Licensed Herbal College in U.S. Takes on a Homeopathy Course


This varies and gets into alchemy with Chinese medicine and gets into chemical extractions in modern herbal medicine, but always we are talking about the medicinal, nutritive and energetic values of plants. "...

Tyrannical New York State Supreme Court rules that Amish must vaccinate students attending their private schools


“The actual trials show that they are not safe or efficacious – but through mathematical alchemy any trail can be made to look good.” "...

Food for your feelings: Manage and even REVERSE depression with diet


Depression and eating habits At Vitafoods Europe 2019, Julie Ward, a plant-based nutritionist and the founder of Fresh Food Alchemy(FFA), told delegates how changing her diet helped reverse her depression. "...