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Prepping basics: A beginner's guide to hazmat suits


If you are facing a chemical spill or airborne contamination, a hazmat suit will help minimize your exposure to threats in the environment. ... They help protect the sensitive areas of your body, like your eyes and lungs, from contamination. "...

Survival 101: 5 Reasons to set up a safe room or storm shelter


Airborne contamination Airborne contamination can take the form of radioactive fallout, a biowarfare attack, a chemical spill or even the smoke from a wildfire. ... A properly equipped safe room can protect against airborne contamination. A full filtration and environmental/atmospheric system with air scrubbers, sensors and overpressure systems can clean the air. "...

Airborne transmission: Why the superbug epidemic may be more serious that we previously thought


Airborne transmission: Why the superbug epidemic may be more serious that we previously thought Tuesday, August 27, 2013 by: Ethan A. ... "The level of contamination immediately around the patient's bed was high, but you would expect that. "...

Radioactive contamination detected outside plutonium plant


According to a report, the contamination might have been spread by just a single worker on the site. ... The survey found radioactive contamination only on the steps into the worker’s office trailer. "...

Exposed toothbrushes risk unhealthy bacterial and viral contamination


Many of us have heard that flushing toilets could result in unsanitary airborne particles that make their way onto our toothbrushes. ... Oil pulling an ancient remedy with astonishing curative benefits for modern oral health Agricultural contamination from GMOs is unavoidable, study shows Pharmaceutical drug contamination of waterways threatens life on our planet Cleanest sources for chlorella revealed: Natural News publishes metals contamination test results for ...

8 Disasters you can avoid or survive if you have a safe room


Airborne contamination Radioactive fallout, vapors from a chemical spill and a biowarfare attack can make the air unsafe to breathe. If you find yourself in a situation where there is airborne contamination, you shouldn’t risk going out. "...

8,000 Toxic Waste Sites Ignored by EPA; Massive Lead Contamination at Shooting Ranges


lead poisoning , lead contamination , shooting ranges - https://www.naturalnews.com/022329_lead_poisoning_contamination.html Tweet View this article in a printer friendly layout - Firing ranges expose the environment and the ecosystem to lead pollution caused by the presence of lead in ammunition projectiles. ... Airborne residue and gases discharged from lead projectiles are easily absorbed by the body once they enter the atmosphere. "...

Revolutionary technology can diagnose heart and lung disease from a patient’s breath


While the concentration of the drug in the breath sample was lesser than that of filtration, researchers say that the method could be further improved to include the examination of lung disease, as well as airborne contamination. "...

Cleanest sources for chlorella revealed: Natural News publishes metals contamination test results for world's most famous superfood


The highest aluminum contamination we found in a Taiwan-produced chlorella was just 11 ppm (one-third that of the highest contamination found in China), and the lowest was 3.8 ppm. ... This FDA chart , for example, shows the mercury contamination levels of commercial fish and shellfish. "...

Safe and clean: 8 Non-toxic alternatives to common household cleaning products that contain harmful ingredients


The study also highlighted the danger of exposure to toxins during the application or use and any airborne contamination lingering after the product has been used. "...

Coronavirus found to linger in the air in crowded spaces


The WHO points to an analysis of more than 75,000 cases in China in which no airborne transmission was reported. ... They found few airborne particles in residential buildings, supermarkets and even patient wards. "...

U.S. government secretly searches for technology to combat aerosolized Ebola


And, in a separate online [PDF], the CDC poses this question: "Is Ebola airborne?" ... "If a germ is airborne, direct contact with the infected person is NOT needed for someone else to get sick. "...

Ebola survives on surfaces for up to 50 days


Little-known research published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology back in 2010 is upsetting the official story regarding Ebola, which government officials claim cannot be spread through contaminated surfaces. ... The tendency of these droplets to stay airborne, resuspended by gas clouds, means that ventilation systems may be more prone to transmitting potentially infectious particles than had been suspected." "...

Ebola protection myths busted: 'direct contact' means indirect contact, N95 masks, full-face respirators and more


If ebola goes airborne, its spread would be utterly impossible to stop, say many experts. ... Any protective gear that you wear in public may acquire ebola contamination on its surfaces, so you'll need to decontaminate your gear using a water-bleach solution each time after wearing your gear anywhere near ebola patients or in areas where ebola contamination may have occurred. "...

Don't inhale the… water? Study reveals bacteria which causes Legionnaire's disease can infect people through water in the air


Study reveals bacteria which causes Legionnaire’s disease can infect people through water in the air Tuesday, September 24, 2019 by: Edsel Cook airborne disease , bacteria , bacterial infection , badhealth , clean water , contaminated water , Diseases , environment , infections , infectious diseases , Legionella pneumophila , legionellosis outbreak , shower , sink , superbugs , toilet , Water contamination , water quality , water sources , water systems , waterborne disease This ...

Man-made ocean pollution has severely affected the immune systems of wild dolphins, researchers claim


Researchers have pinpointed ocean pollution and contamination as the main causes of this startling discovery. ... Sources Include: Independent.co.uk IFLScience.com IBTimes.co.uk PLOS.org Previous :Fukushima wildfire revives worries over airborne radiation from “difficult-to-return zone” Next : Have you overlooked this critical part of your prepping plan? "...

American Dental Association threatens manufacturer of mercury detection equipment to stop talking about toxic levels of mercury in dental offices


The American Dental Association (ADA) is the leading proponent for installing mercury-based fillings into the mouths of millions of people. ... Airborne mercury levels spike to dangerous levels after amalgams are removed As more people learn about the toxicity of mercury, honorable businesses that detect invisible, odorless mercury are growing. "...

Recent research finds that rural homes in NY are contaminated with pesticides


Atrazine , badhealth , badpollution , chemicals , clean air , disease causes , environ , goodscience , hidden health dangers , indoor environment , organophosphates , pesticide residues , pesticides , toxic chemicals , toxins This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/318416.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Many people like to think of their home as their refuge, but there’s one dangerous problem that is ...

Microplastics found in 73 percent of fish in the Northwest Atlantic, according to latest research


A special air filter was used to keep airborne plastic fibers out of the laboratory environment. ... Previous studies had detected their presence, but researchers considered them lab contamination. "...