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The one element that should be in ANY Obamacare repeal is freedom


The one element that should be in ANY Obamacare repeal is freedom Friday, March 24, 2017 by: JD Heyes AHCA , obamacare , Paul Ryan , President Donald J. ... Rand Paul, R-Ky., who has said he opposes the original AHCA legislation because it does nothing to return freedom of choice to consumers. "...

Rand Paul predicts Ryan-backed Obamacare replacement legislation will be pulled before Thursday vote


The AHCA is the bill touted by House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and backed by President Donald J. ... He has said that the AHCA, which Ryan has said is merely the first in a three-phase repeal-and-replace effort, leaves in place many of the worst elements of Obamacare. "...

Psych doctor wrote 1,000 prescriptions a week for psychotropic drugs


The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) is reporting that a Miami psychiatrist has prescribed nearly 14 million pills to Medicaid patients since 2004. ... Senator Don Gaetz (R-Niceville) instigated the AHCA review into Mendez-Villamil, alleging that he is taking advantage of the system and wasting taxpayer money for illegitimate purposes. "...

Nearly one-third of all official coronavirus deaths in the US came from nursing home residents


Nursing home deaths and cases at their lowest since May 2020 Despite the concerns of the COVID Tracking Project, the American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) published a report on Tuesday, March 30, claiming that cases in American nursing homes and other long-term care facilities were at their lowest since May 2020. ... “We are not out of the woods yet, but these numbers are incredibly encouraging and a more morale boost for frontline caregivers ...

Whistleblower nurse risks job to expose "planned coronavirus crisis"


More than 40 hospitals in various counties statewide are nearly out of space for ICU patients, the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) said that time. The AHCA said more than 5,000 patients had used roughly 83 percent of the state’s more than 6,000 ICU bed allocation. "...

Nurse aide dies after receiving work-mandated coronavirus vaccine shot


Healthcare workers experience adverse reactions According to the American Health Care Association (AHCA), around 50 percent of all long-term care staff have refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19. AHCA President and Chief Executive Officer Mark Parkinson attributed this apparent aversion to the new COVID-19 vaccines to misinformation circulating online. "...

Crybully Californians issue death threats to lawmakers after they shelve "universal health care" plan that would have bankrupted the state


“#AHCA will devastate Americans’ healthcare. Families will go bankrupt. People will die,” tweeted Sen. "...

HYPOCRISY: Nancy Pelosi now says Americans have a right to know what’s in Obamacare repeal BEFORE it passes


Undoubtedly there will be disagreements over provisions of the AHCA – and indeed there already are. "...

Trump said to be open to negotiating "Obamacare 2.0" bill critics say will ruin GOP if it passes


But while Paul says there are elements within the the AHCA that conservatives can agree on, it also retains too much of what is bad about Obamacare . "...



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