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Afterlife news, articles and information:


Afterlife news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It 11/12/2012 - There's a secret that's much bigger than politics, health freedom, science or even the entire history of the human race. ... Concept-related articles: The brain: - Brain health dramatically improved by intake of omega-3 fatty acids and fish oils - Psychiatric Drugs: Chemical Warfare on Humans - interview with Robert Whitaker - The ADHD Scam and the Mass Drugging of Schoolchildren (Transcript) - Research shows that seeds ...

'Proof of Heaven' documents existence of afterlife, multiverse, intelligent life beyond Earth, multidimensional realities


Alexander "died" for seven days and experienced a vivid journey into the afterlife . ... Love dominated the afterlife to such a huge degree that the overall presence of evil was infinitesimally small. • In the afterlife, all communication was telepathic. "...

Black Mirror-style digital afterlife could become real much sooner than you expect, experts say


Black Mirror-style digital afterlife could become real much sooner than you expect, experts say Wednesday, January 24, 2018 by: David Williams artificial intelligence , cloud consciousness , computing , consciousness , digital afterlife , digital avatar , digital self , digital you , future tech , Glitch , life after death , Mind , Singularity , Virtual reality - (Natural News ) While it may be impossible to create a fully-working and self-aware digital version of yourself with ...

After dying, some people really do go to Hell... and some have returned to tell the tale


User juninkun writes that he actually visited Hell and the experience left him believing in the afterlife. ... [sic]” Scary though this vision was, several other Reddit users downplayed his conclusion of an afterlife. "...

Human consciousness survives even after biological death, research confirms


There have been a number of theories – some based on religious principles, some on philosophical ones – about what happens to our "souls" when we die. Many people of various religious faiths, for example, believe there is a "heaven" or another pleasant afterlife for those who have led good, virtuous and moral lives on Earth. "...

In your survival plans, have you forgotten spiritual preparedness?


As journeys into the afterlife have revealed to us, there is an afterlife beyond this life, and our actions here on Earth are judged by the Creator. ... Belief in the afterlife, importantly, is not a requirement to be judged in the afterlife. "...

Six simple tips for fostering powerful spiritual awareness


As Mike Adams pointed out in an earlier article on preparedness for harder times to come, spiritual awareness is vital to continuing on and evolving for life after body death. [1] As one wise person once pointed out, there are two things you take with you when you die: Your karma (past deeds and impulses) and whatever awareness you have of your spiritual self. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Spiritual awareness at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More ...

Framework of the cosmic game: How stuff works beyond the realm of materialism


The afterlife is "thousands of times more REAL" than life on Earth, according to those who have experienced it. ... Many who have temporarily died and experienced the afterlife have described briefly tapping into this cosmic storehouse of unlimited knowledge. "...

To resist tyranny and oppression is to redeem your soul in the eyes of the universe


And to everyone: If you deny freedom and liberty to others in the world you know today, you only deny yourself the highest freedom of all: Redemption in the afterlife. ... That is the pathway to both a better world today as well as redemption in the reality known as "the afterlife." "...

Discovery of the God Module Results in New Field of Science: Neurotheology


This leads Alpers to imply that there is no spiritual reality, no god, no soul, no afterlife, nothing that transcends or supersedes the physical realm, invalidating every brand of spiritual or religious belief that exists. ... We may be able to focus our attention and energies on the here and now instead of some dubious concept of afterlife. "...

Experts discover 30 "curse tablets" in 2,500-year-old well in Athens


The “ritual texts” were commissioned by the living to curse their rivals who died in an untimely manner, as their souls were said to be “unquiet” and carried the messages with them to the afterlife. "...

Man awakens in body bag as funeral home prepares to embalm him


Perhaps he had a peek at the afterlife from his near-death experience, perhaps not. "...

Transform Your Life on the Next NaturalNews Talk Hour


. - More news on life UPDATE: Garden of Life, SunWarrior, Natural News reach industry-leading agreement for the future of brown rice protein 'Proof of Heaven' documents existence of afterlife, multiverse, intelligent life beyond Earth, multidimensional realities Framework of the cosmic game: How stuff works beyond the realm of materialism Universe potentially 'cosmic zoo' filled with complex plant and animal life, theorize scientists In your survival plans, have you forgotten spiritual preparedness?...

Strange ring-shaped objects made from cereal and found in a Bronze Age dig site could have been used in ancient rituals, researchers find


– items buried with the dead to ease their passage in the afterlife. Heiss, in his Newsweek interview, also pointed out that the latest findings can help expand the list of ways that cultures from the Bronze Age used cereal products for purposes other than eating. "...

Ancient Chinese texts may be the oldest surviving anatomical atlas, study finds


A curious hole was cut in the middle of the dividing wall, which the researchers believed to be a “fairy bridge” – a window that would allow the couple to connect again in the afterlife, according to ancient Chinese belief. "...

Ancient miracle seed tackles asthma, cancer, diabetes and more


A bottle containing the oil was found in the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen since it was believed to be important in the afterlife. "...

Mind therapies that change your physical brain


. - More news on mind therapies Mental and physical brain stimulation promotes ability to form new memories as you age Research: Effective psychotherapy proven to positively alter your physical brain (no drugs required) Unleash your natural genius: Health Ranger unveils the world's most powerful strategies for maximizing spontaneous cognitive brilliance The 10 false assumptions of modern science (and how to set science free with new paths to discovery) 'Proof of Heaven' documents existence of afterlife, ...

The Science behind Spirituality on the next NaturalNews Talk Hour


He is also corporate director of development of energy healing for Canyon Ranch Resorts and the author of several books, including The Afterlife Experiments, The G.O.D.Experiments, The Truth about Medium, The Energy Healing Experiments, and the co-author of The Living Energy Universe. "...

Ancient secrets to fantastic hair: Scientists uncovered 3000 year old hair wax from the hair of Ancient Egyptian noblewomen


The process was seen as a preparation for the afterlife. Artificial mummification was developed later on and involved specially trained artisans who conducted the complex and expensive rite. "...

Twitter defends its child sex trafficking users, cites Section 230 immunity protection for pedophiles


If Twitter employees don’t receive due justice here on earth, they certainly will in the afterlife The Epoch Times reported back in January that Twitter “knowingly” benefits from the child sex trade. "...