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Exercise puts your fat to work for your metabolism, according to research


Exercise puts your fat to work for your metabolism, according to research Monday, September 23, 2019 by: Melissa Smith adipokine , alternative medicine , diabetes , Diseases , exercise , fightobesity , fitness , goodhealth , goodmedicine , high-fat diet , lactic acid , metabolic disease , metabolism , natural cures , natural medicine , prevention , research , slender , TGF-beta 2 , Type 2 Diabetes , weight loss - (Natural News ) An international study led by researchers from Harvard Medical ...

NaturalNews 養生保健網 - 健康, 自然, 快樂的綠生活


囤積在肝臟中的脂肪因此促使肝臟發炎而發出一種稱作脂肪素 (Adipokine)的化學信號以進行修復。如果沒有注意警訊,NAFLD 很可能會因此發展成肝硬化或是肝功能衰竭等症狀。 "...

NaturalNews 养生保健网 – 健康, 自然, 快乐的绿生活


囤积在肝脏中的脂肪因此促使肝脏发炎而发出一种称作脂肪素 (Adipokine)的化学信号以进行修复。如果没有注意警讯,NAFLD 很可能会因此发展成肝硬化或是肝功能衰竭等症状。 "...

[十大死因预防系列] 如何拯救你沉默的肝 ─ 预防慢性肝病


囤积在肝脏中的脂肪因此促使肝脏发炎而发出一种称作脂肪素 (Adipokine)的化学信号以进行修复。如果没有注意警讯,NAFLD 很可能会因此发展成肝硬化或是肝功能衰竭等症状。 "...

[十大死因預防系列] 如何拯救你沉默的肝 ─ 預防慢性肝病


囤積在肝臟中的脂肪因此促使肝臟發炎而發出一種稱作脂肪素 (Adipokine)的化學信號以進行修復。如果沒有注意警訊,NAFLD 很可能會因此發展成肝硬化或是肝功能衰竭等症狀。 "...

Adding dried plums to diet can improve nutrient consumption in overweight adults


. - The team posited that dried plums can boost nutrient consumption and total antioxidant capacity, as well as improve lipid and adipokine profiles. - In addition, dried plums can potentially reduce adiposity and inflammation. - For the eight-week trial, the team fed overweight adults with 100 kcal servings of either low-fat muffins or dried plums. - Researchers measured body weight and composition, waist circumference, blood pressure, plasma glucose, insulin, c-peptide, total antioxidant ...

Can cinnamon extracts help with diabetes and obesity?


PGZ and CBAE significantly increased the levels of adiponectin, a protein hormone and adipokine — a chemical produced by fat tissue — involved in glucose regulation and fat breakdown. "...

Black cumin oil combined with a low-calorie diet can modulate hormone secretion in obese women


Specifically, the authors wanted to observe the effects of black cumin oil, which was paired with a low-calorie diet, on body composition and adipokine levels in obese female participants. "...

What happens to the liver when you drink alcohol? For one, it loses its ability to protect against cancer


The researchers observed a similar trend for kallistatin: Healthy individuals had the highest serum levels of the adipokine. "...

Cancer is a lifestyle disease: Researchers make the connection between food, obesity and the big "C"


For example, leptin, an adipokine, increases body fat, while adiponectin, which is less seen in obese people, may have anti-proliferative effects. "...

The BPA challenge - Reduce exposure and detoxify in five days or fewer


A study at the University of Cincinnati found even low doses of BPA suppressed "the release of a key adipokine that protects humans from metabolic syndrome." "...

Green cardamom supplements can protect the liver for those with obesity


They also measured the levels of irisin, a myokine and adipokine that can influence insulin sensitivity. "...