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SHOCKER: Three existing covid vaccines actually contain DNA (not just RNA) for spike protein synthesis inside your body


Gene experiments, cellular reprogramming and the destruction of the innate immune system The adenovirus-vectored covid vaccines all contain DNA from the engineered spike protein. ... The adenovirus-vectored vaccines carry the spike protein DNA into the cell by using the adenovirus to subvert the innate immune response. "...

Brazilian scientists claim they've discovered live, replicating adenoviruses in Russia’s covid vaccines


Adenovirus-vectored vaccines can revert to LIVE form, putting the immunocompromised at risk Brazil’s drug regulatory agency, Anvisa, tested samples of the Sputnik V covid vaccine. ... The fallibility of adenovirus-vector vaccines is well known At some point in the vaccine manufacturing process, the adenovirus is recouping all the genes it needs to restore its ability to replicate. "...

Spike proteins administered intravenously are engineered to cross the blood-brain barrier, can cause cerebral hemorrhage


These are the same spike proteins that human cells are forced to translate, synthesize and replicate using the genetic instructions provided by new mRNA vaccines and adenovirus-vectored vaccines. ... Today, new experimental vaccines are being unleashed, as the outbreaks occur in real time. "...

Covid "booster" shots are bunk, say former FDA senior officials


Instead, the injections should be distributed elsewhere to people who have not yet gotten any vaccines, the authors contend. ... “There could be risks if boosters are widely introduced too soon, or too frequently, especially with vaccines that can have immune-mediated side-effects (such as myocarditis, which is more common after the second dose of some mRNA vaccines, or Guillain-Barre syndrome, which has been associated with adenovirus-vectored COVID-19 ...

America’s Frontline Doctors warn that covid vaccinated can transmit "spike proteins" into the air


Everyone is being affected, directly or indirectly, by the experimental vaccine technology Whether it’s the new mRNA coronavirus vaccines (by Pfizer, Moderna) or the adenovirus-vectored coronavirus vaccines (by Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca), the gene-altering experiment effectively creates vaccine technology inside the cells of humans, hijacking their natural protein synthesis and replacing it with instructions for spike protein replication. ... There have been ...

Don't get the shot! US now protects Big Pharma from liability in Ebola vaccine deaths


Covered under the PREP Act are the following three vaccine candidates for Ebola: - GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK) Recombinant Replication Deficient Chimpanzee Adenovirus Type 3 Vectored Ebola Zaire Vaccine, known as AhAd3-EBO-Z - BPSC1001 vaccine (rVSV-ZEBOV-GP), made by BioProtection Services, a subsidiary of NewLink Genetics - Ad26.ZEBOV/MVA-BN-Filo vaccine, manufactured by Janssen, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson/Bavarian Nordic HHS urges other countries to shield vaccine companies ...

Spike protein variants in coronavirus vaccines are the root cause of blood clots, new study finds


But most importantly, both vaccines were developed using adenovirus vector technology. ... In contrast to adenovirus-based vaccines, mRNA-based vaccines like those produced by Pfizer and Moderna rely on lipid nanoparticles to deliver viral genes to muscle cells. "...

German scientists discover why covid vaccines cause blood clots


The AstraZeneca and the Johnson & Johnson shots are adenovirus-vector vaccines . ... These adenovirus-vector vaccines contain a calcium binding agent and stabilizer called EDTA. "...

AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine will "never be licensed in the US," says analyst


AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine will “never be licensed in the US,” says analyst Wednesday, November 25, 2020 by: Ethan Huff adenovirus-vector , AstraZeneca , badhealth , badscience , Big Pharma , coronavirus , covid-19 , deception , efficacy , FDA , fraud , George Porges , never be licensed , safety , vaccine , Wuhan coronavirus Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.hangthecensors.com/477307.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Because its trial designs do not meet even the basic ...

BREAKING GOOD NEWS: These four herbal extracts reduce viral load and block SARS-CoV-2, influenza, adenovirus


Adenovirus Type 5 resisted the phytochemicals, but its replication was stalled the most by choke berry juice. ... Sources include: Biorxiv.org NaturalNews.com NaturalNews.com NaturalNews.com Previous :Former Pfizer VP warns booster shot is an extermination weapon to mass murder human beings Next : It’s now clear: Covid vaccines are a never-ending subscription for pharmaceutical dependence and a shortened life span - More news on choke berry BREAKING GOOD NEWS: These four herbal ...

Johnson & Johnson kicks off trials for one-dose coronavirus vaccine


Johnson & Johnson kicks off trials for one-dose coronavirus vaccine Tuesday, October 06, 2020 by: Ramon Tomey adenovirus , adenovirus template , coronavirus , Coronavirus pandemic , coronavirus vaccine , covid-19 , covid-19 pandemic , COVID-19 vaccine , immunization , J&J , JnJ , Johnson & Johnson , Operation Warp Speed , outbreak , pandemic , phase 3 trial , Public Health , SARS-Cov2 , vaccine , vaccine wars , vaccines , Wuhan coronavirus Bypass censorship by sharing ...

New study shows vaccines have plunged from 88% effectiveness against covid infections to just 13% in mere months


This experimental Johnson & Johnson vaccine uses an adenovirus vector to deliver mRNA instructions to human cells. ... Covid-19 vaccines are full of health risks and lead to perpetual dependency on mRNA programming, with no long term benefits. "...

Denmark permanently bans Covid-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca over deadly blood clots


The only other jab for Chinese germs that contains adenovirus technology is Russia’s “Sputnik V,” which Dr. ... “Look, there is a cure, why are they still pushing experimental vaccines when there is a cure? "...

Family doctor BLOWS THE WHISTLE on "extreme side effects" of Moderna vaccine, explains how the "vaccine is quite clearly more dangerous than COVID-19"


A family doctor in British Columbia can’t stay silent about the dangers of these Covid-19 vaccines anymore He’s had enough. ... These injected patients now have cells that have instructions to clog the blood using a genetically modified adenovirus taken from monkeys (J&J and AstraZeneca use this kind of adenovirus-vector jab). "...

Second AstraZeneca trial participant develops rare neurological condition following COVID-19 vaccination


Mainstream media insists vaccine injuries are proof “the science is working” Unlike Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), which uses human adenovirus as a vector, AstraZeneca’s jab uses an untested monkey adenovirus formula that supposedly shares a gene with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). ... “All the attention focused on these trials will expose the inherent dangers of many vaccines.” "...

Covid "vaccine" spike proteins destroy DNA repair pathways, paving the way for CANCER to grow and spread


While there supposedly do exist what are known as RBD-based “vaccines” that do not contain full-length spike proteins, these are not currently in use in the United States. ... “These ‘vaccines’ are the perfect cover as it takes time for most to produce enough spike proteins to die from it, and the deaths appear to be from a variety of causes.” "...

COVID-19 vaccines may increase the risk of HIV infections


COVID-19 vaccines may increase the risk of HIV infections Wednesday, December 23, 2020 by: Ethan Huff Ad5 , adenovirus 5 , badhealth , badmedicine , badscience , China Virus , coronavirus , covid-19 , Dangerous Medicine , HIV , infection , Operation Warp Speed , pandemic , research , vaccination , vaccine , Wuhan coronavirus Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.hangthecensors.com/484916.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Some of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines ...

You won’t believe what’s in the vaccines being discussed for mandatory vaccinations


“What exactly is RNA and what does it have to do with vaccines ? To understand this, we must first understand that vaccines are considered a biologic,” the report reads. ... So, what does that mean when it is added to a variety of vaccines? - While Government Pushes Mandatory Vaccination, Contaminated Vaccines Found in 3 States Causing Infections - Facebook Just Banned Zero Hedge – Announces It Will Ban “Misinformation” About Vaccines - State Law Requires ...

The hidden and corrupt vaccine-injury history of flu vaccines


The vaccines altered vial nucleotide likely contributed to the sleeping sickness. ... In an investigative report titled “The Emerging Risks of Live Virus and Virus Vectored Vaccines” Barbara Lo Fisher notes that the attenuated virus in the flu vaccine can shed and infect others for months. "...

AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine trial halted following "serious adverse reaction" involving spinal inflammation


After all, this is merely a hiccup that will quickly be swept under the rug and forgotten, seeing as how all vaccines are safe and effective, we are told. ... This adenovirus is said to induce an immune system response to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), creating some type of immunity. "...