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Research team uses metamaterials to create an "acoustic telescope" that can transmit messages to an individual in a crowd


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EXCLUSIVE: Fibrous clots harvested from dead bodies of vaccinated individuals found to contain higher concentrations of electrically conductive elements – Mike Adams tells Dean Ryan


That would have to be done by some other lab that specializes in these kinds of technologies,” Adams said in response to Ryan’s inquiry about whether the electrically conductive elements could send or receive electromagnetic fields. ... However, this development has been criticized to have environmental and health hazards , such as the elevated risk of brain cancer and acoustic neuroma. "...

New noninvasive neurotechnology for vets: Study finds therapy using sound is effective for PTSD – without the side effects of medication


The researchers used high-resolution, relational, resonance-based, electroencephalic mirroring (HIRREM), or neurotechnology that offers “noninvasive, closed-loop, acoustic stimulation approach.” ... This acoustic stimulation approach lets the brain “listen to itself through an acoustic mirror,” shared Tegeler. "...

Researchers turn levitation into reality


Researchers at the University of Glasgow have achieved levitation – in that they managed to suspend polystyrene particles in mid-air using nothing but ultrasonic acoustic waves . ... At the time they completed their research, both physicists were unable to create an actual technology that could achieve their goal. "...

Cows don't just moo – they also talk about the weather, say scientists


The scientists recorded hundreds of “moos” from 13 heifers for the study using acoustic analyses programs. ... Using acoustic analyses programs, the researchers found that cows maintained their individual vocal cues, and it is likely that they recognize other members of the herd through these calls. "...

New metamaterial can silence sound


Acoustic metamaterials may improve noise-canceling technology, including the fabrication of smaller headphones in an industry where bulk is the biggest complaint. ... The possibilities for an acoustic metamaterial are endless, concludes the report. "...

Stanford researchers create photon diode for all-optical computer that runs on light instead of electricity


This, in turn, generates rotating acoustic vibrations in the crystalline material, giving it magnetic-like spinning abilities and allowing more light to get transmitted. ... When light is run through the device in a backward direction, the acoustic vibrations spin back, canceling out any light trying to exit. "...

North Atlantic right whales "whisper" to protect young calves from predators


The researchers posited that right whale mother-calf pairs employ “acoustic crypsis.” ... However, not much research has been done on the subject, as smell is not the primary sense used by humans. "...

High-speed hand dryers in public restrooms found to emit INSANE levels of ear-damaging noise


As part of the study, the research team conducted an acoustic test on various high-speed driers and found that the sound decibels produced by these machines were 11 times higher in a typical public restroom compared with a product testing laboratory. ... “Manufacturers tend to test hand dryers in ultra-absorbent acoustic laboratories which is perhaps why actual sound levels are so much higher than those advertised. "...

How do cell phones cause cancer? Studies explain


Cell phones increase risk of developing brain tumors Current research singled out two types of brain tumor — the malignant gliomas and the benign acoustic neuromas — that arise due to exposure to cell phone radiation. ... The researchers found that regular cell phone use for 10 or more years doubled the risk of being diagnosed with glioma and acoustic neuroma on the side of the head preferred for cell phone use. "...

Deep-learning AI can determine what song is playing in your head


Earlier studies have shown that certain parts of the auditory cortex of the brain are responsible for breaking down the sounds into acoustic frequencies, such as high tones or low tones. ... It demonstrates that the neural signal during auditory imagery is sufficiently robust and precise for use in machine learning algorithms that can predict acoustic signals from measured brain activity,” Pasley claimed. "...

Human echolocation using mouth clicks is possible, study finds


The research team then recorded and analyzed the acoustic properties of several thousand mouth clicks. ... The results showed that the mouth clicks produced by the participants possessed a distinct acoustic pattern that was more focused in its direction compared with regular human speech. "...

Health hazard: 5G exposure may cause cancer, infertility and developmental defects


The results show positive associations between exposure to RF radiation from wireless phones and both glioma (also known as a tumor of the brain) and acoustic neuroma. ... According to a 2022 research , positioning antennas should be “as far as possible from the general public” like in high elevation locations or remote areas. "...

Researchers develop unique, super-stretchy polymers that can self-heal


Researchers develop unique, super-stretchy polymers that can self-heal Thursday, May 14, 2020 by: Michael Alexander breakthrough , Chemistry , discoveries , future science , future tech , goodscience , goodtech , innovations , inventions , materials science , physics , polymers , real science , research , Rubber , science and technology , scientific , self-healing Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/405177.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) As part of a ...

Protecting eagles: Researchers develop detection and deterrent system to reduce wildlife casualties from wind turbines


The researchers developed an integrated system that auto-detects collision through a vibration sensor at the base of a blade, an acoustic sensor on the generator that will pick up bird sounds, and an optical camera on the tower base. The research team then tested the system at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory Wind Technology Center in Boulder, Colorado using a compressed-air launcher, firing tennis balls at the turbines to simulate bird impacts. "...

Honeybee researcher who blames virus for CCD has financial ties to pesticide manufacturer


But shortly after receiving the research grant from Bayer , Dr. Bromenshenk mysteriously switched sides and began to pursue other research options instead. ... After all, Bromenshenk also owns a company called Bee Alert Technology that is working on a hand-held acoustic scanner to detect bee ailments - a device that will sell really well if the cause of CCD is pinned on a contagious disease rather than on pesticides. "...

Researcher suggests using bats to help people living in arid places find water sources


But previous research has shown that as surface waters become increasingly salty, bat populations dwindle. ... “To find high-quality surface waters, people could observe bat activity levels using acoustic detectors to record bats’ echolocation calls,” states Laverty. "...

Researchers create robot fish that can swim right next to real ones in coral reefs


It did this with the help of a human that maintained control of it the entire time that it was submerged, through the use of a waterproof Super Nintendo controller and a custom acoustic communications system that is meant to give it directions on how to swim. ... Sources include: News.MIT.edu YouTube.com Previous :Pesticides threaten extinction of monarch butterflies Next : Electric vehicles to become more affordable than gas guzzling counterparts in just 7 years: Report - More news on 3D ...