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Research team uses metamaterials to create an "acoustic telescope" that can transmit messages to an individual in a crowd


Research team uses metamaterials to create an “acoustic telescope” that can transmit messages to an individual in a crowd Friday, November 22, 2019 by: Edsel Cook acoustic metamaterial , acoustic technology , acoustics , breakthrough , future tech , innovation , inventions , metamaterials , new technology , sound waves - (Natural News ) A recently developed “acoustic telescope” uses light-manipulating techniques to transmit and pick up sounds over long ...

New noninvasive neurotechnology for vets: Study finds therapy using sound is effective for PTSD – without the side effects of medication


The researchers used high-resolution, relational, resonance-based, electroencephalic mirroring (HIRREM), or neurotechnology that offers “noninvasive, closed-loop, acoustic stimulation approach.” ... This acoustic stimulation approach lets the brain “listen to itself through an acoustic mirror,” shared Tegeler. "...

New metamaterial can silence sound


New metamaterial can silence sound Sunday, August 18, 2019 by: Rex Carter 3D printing , acoustic metamaterial , acoustics , active noise canceling , breakthrough , discoveries , future science , future tech , goodscience , goodtech , innovation , inventions , loud sound , materials science , metamaterials , noise , noise pollution , physics , research , science and technology , sound insulation , sounds - (Natural News ) A new (and quiet) era of acoustics is opening up as engineers ...

North Atlantic right whales "whisper" to protect young calves from predators


North Atlantic right whales “whisper” to protect young calves from predators Wednesday, October 28, 2020 by: Virgilio Marin acoustic crypsis , breakthrough , chemical crypsis , cool science , discoveries , Ecology , Endangered species , environment , goodscience , marine animals , North Atlantic right whale , ocean and marine life , research Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.clearnewswire.com/468895.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) A recent study published in Biology ...

Researchers turn levitation into reality


Researchers turn levitation into reality Saturday, January 19, 2019 by: Rhonda Johansson acoustic waves , breakthrough , Casimir effect , future science , goodscience , innovation , levitation , physics , quantum physics , research , technology , theoretical physics - (Natural News ) Get your popcorn out, kids, we’re about to witness some real magic. Researchers at the University of Glasgow have achieved levitation – in that they managed to suspend polystyrene particles in mid-air ...

High-speed hand dryers in public restrooms found to emit INSANE levels of ear-damaging noise


As part of the study, the research team conducted an acoustic test on various high-speed driers and found that the sound decibels produced by these machines were 11 times higher in a typical public restroom compared with a product testing laboratory. ... “Manufacturers tend to test hand dryers in ultra-absorbent acoustic laboratories which is perhaps why actual sound levels are so much higher than those advertised. "...

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