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Mao Lives: January 6 defendant required to confess her "sins" for leniency


In our country, we traditionally might view it as a mitigating factor in sentencing if a defendant exhibited contrition, but generally just when having committed actual crimes (e.g., rape, murder). ... Chuck Grassley: Confirming David Chipman to ATF like putting Antifa in charge of Portland police How ‘woke’ may be leading us to civil war Antifa supporter calls for the systematic killing of White people Antifa protester: “I can’t wait until Black people lynch White people” - Disqus Take ...

Texas tells SCOTUS that defendant states didn't address 'grave' election issues


Officials from the defendant states filed briefs Thursday urging the Supreme Court to reject the suit. ... “An injunction should issue because Defendant States have not—and cannot—defend their actions,” they added. "...

Courtroom evacuated in panic after bed bugs found crawling up defendant's neck


Courtroom evacuated in panic after bed bugs found crawling up defendant's neck Monday, July 29, 2013 by: Ethan A. ... As far as the bug-infested defendant is concerned, it is unclear from reports what actually became of him following the ruckus. "...

Electroshock torture used against defendant in U.S. courtroom to silence his defense speech... caught on video


It's the world of Judge Robert Christopher Nalley who, in 2014, continually treated defendant Delvon King – who was in a Maryland court on gun charges – like a violent animal. ... Defendant shocked with 50,000 volts of electricity, then told to calm down... is this for real? "...

Ohio judge says defendant has no right to mention Constitution during trial, laughs at concept of free speech


Ohio judge says defendant has no right to mention Constitution during trial, laughs at concept of free speech Tuesday, March 31, 2015 by: Ethan A. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on US Constitution at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on US Constitution Alert: New York City Mayor Bloomberg says the US Constitution will 'have to change' Author Brad Thor calls for 'constitutional warrior' to run for President and fix our broken system Judge ...

Former FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg named in massive conspiracy and racketeering lawsuit involving Johnson & Johnson, a Wall Street hedge fund, and the Levaquin drug


In and around May 26, 2009, Defendant Hamburg was forced to divest herself of several hedge fund holdings, as was her husband, Defendant Brown. ... As set forth previously, in every quarter except one, from May 2009 to March 2015, while Defendant Hamburg was FDA Commissioner, her husband, Defendant Brown's employer, Defendant Renaissance Technologies, held significant amounts of Defendant Johnson & Johnson stock, including as much as half a billion ...

Letters from a D.C. jail


“[T]he defendant’s continued dangerousness to the community and flight risk is too great because, if convicted of some or all of the above-mentioned charges, the defendant will serve a significant amount of time of incarceration.” ... (The defendant, a former Marine, is accused of stealing a riot shield and using it to break a window.) "...

It's finally happened: Michigan judge rules hurting liberal feelings is akin to "terrorism"


“Importantly, the issue is not whether defendant actually made a threat of terrorism, which would be a question for the trier of fact. Rather, the issue is whether, on these facts, defendant can be charged at all. The issue before us turns on whether a social media post made by defendant can constitute a ‘true threat,’” the court of appeals wrote in a ruling that literally threatens the freedom of every single independent thinking conservative and libertarian in the state....

James Homes' lawyers enter insanity plea; here come the insane psychiatrists


The defendant states he is guilty or innocent. A trial is then scheduled. If the defendant states he committed the crime but didn't know what he was doing at the time, there is no trial. ... The defendant testifies, submits himself to cross-examination. The jury decides whether the defendant knew what he was doing when he committed the crime. "...

FactCheck.org is a fraud & possible criminal organization


To convict a defendant under RICO, the government must prove that the defendant engaged in two or more instances of racketeering activity and that the defendant directly invested in, maintained an interest in, or participated in a criminal enterprise affecting interstate or foreign commerce. "...

Texas sues Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin for election fraud; EIGHT states join the lawsuit


“Whether well intentioned or not, these unconstitutional acts had the same uniform effect – they made the 2020 election less secure in the Defendant States,” it adds. ... With the suit, Texas is petitioning the Supreme Court to require defendant states to allow their legislatures to appoint electors to the Electoral College. "...

FactCheck.org is nothing but lies and fraud


“To convict a defendant under RICO, the government must prove that the defendant engaged in two or more instances of racketeering activity and that the defendant directly invested in, maintained an interest in, or participated in a criminal enterprise affecting interstate or foreign commerce,” notes Armstrong Economics. "...

Fraud, criminal history behind ALIVE New York exposed: Joshua Daniel Scurry and Anna Marie Scurry


You will find at least 8 cases where Joshua was named as a defendant: 1 Scurry, Joshua Daniel Defendant Kirkland Municipal 31252M 06-06-2007 2 Scurry, Joshua Daniel Defendant Kirkland Municipal 3991C 07-24-2006 3 Scurry, Joshua Daniel Defendant Kirkland Municipal 28950 10-31-2007 4 Scurry, Joshua Daniel Defendant Sno Co-everett Div I00027040 09-08-2010 5 Scurry, Joshua Daniel Defendant Kirkland Municipal 15578C 05-04-2007 6 Scurry, Joshua Daniel ...

Justice Dept. charges state judge with aiding, abetting escape of illegal alien: Aren’t ALL sanctuary jurisdictions guilty of the same thing?


A few minutes later, the recorder was turned back on, Joseph released the defendant: According to the charging documents, the defense attorney asked to speak with the defendant downstairs and Joseph responded, “That’s fine. ... Immediately following the proceeding, MacGregor allegedly escorted the defendant, his attorney and an interpreter downstairs to the lockup and used his security access card to open the rear sally-port exit and released the defendant at 3:01 ...

Jury nullification education still barely 'legal' in USA, rules judge


"It also prohibits a defendant from trying to influence a juror's actions or decisions pertaining to that juror's duties, but only if the defendant made that communication in relation to a case or point in dispute before that juror," the order continues. ... Judge the law instead of the lawbreaker The concept of jury nullification is that jurors should be able to not only decide whether a defendant violated the law, but whether the law itself is just and proper. "...

No plans to yield: Texas stands by claim that Biden win "statistically impossible"


Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich later filed his own brief bolstering Paxton’s complaint, while President Donald Trump himself sought permission to join the lawsuit against the four defendant states as a plaintiff. ... The defendant states slammed the now-dismissed election lawsuit filed by Paxton The four battleground states mentioned as defendants equally slammed the suit as ridiculous through filings from their attorneys general. "...

Chicago cops open fire unprovoked on vehicle full of kids, wounding two


"Defendant officers shot more than a dozen rounds into the vehicle filled with minors without provocation, cause or justification of any kind. ... "After littering the vehicle with bullets, defendant officers removed D.B. and D.H. from the car and handcuffed them," it says. "...

Professor in Texas lawsuit: Odds of Biden winning all four contested states 'less than one in a quadrillion to the fourth power'


Biden winning the popular vote in the four Defendant States—Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—independently exists when Mr. ... Put simply, there is substantial reason to doubt the voting results in the Defendant States. "...

Is the frequency of police brutality increasing?


"At this time, defendant-Officer Hendricksen approached plaintiff on the porch and pointed his taser at plaintiff." ... "Defendant-Officer Broullard struck plaintiff in the face with his fists and elbow," according to the complaint before Hendricksen used a Taser on Clark once again. "...

Texas Supreme Court rules Facebook can be held liable for sex trafficking on its platform


Chapter 98 argues that a defendant that either engages in or intentionally or knowingly benefits from human trafficking is liable to the victims “for damages arising from the trafficking of that person by the defendant or venture.” "...