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Newsweek pushes Monsanto propagandist lies authored by scandal-ridden organic hater Henry I. Miller


Miller’s Newsweek article tied to Monsanto corporate front group ‘Academics Review’ Just to be clear, Miller has an extensive history of pretending to be an “independent” voice on biotechnology. ... And once again, there are clear signs that Miller is performing his usual act in Newsweek, regurgitating the anti-organic talking points of the corporate front group “Academics Review.” "...

GMO Answers, Sense About Science, Genetic Literacy Project all exposed as fake science front groups for Monsanto / Bayer


Then there’s Academics Review: Set up as a non-profit in 2012, you’d have to do some digging to find out that this seemingly innocuous organization is actually a front group put together by Monsanto. As USRTK reports , Monsanto and their public relations team created Academics Review “to attack agrichemical industry critics while appearing to be independent.” "...

Academics nationwide #ShutDownSTEM because science is 'weaponized against black people'


(Article by Lacey Kestecher republished from CampusReform.org ) One scholar and self-proclaimed “leading expert on wokeness,” James Lindsay, who is best known for his participation in a project that exposed the faulty review process of academic journals by submitting hoax papers that were ultimately published by such publications, tweeted , that “one point of #ShutDownSTEM is to find out who doesn’t do it (maybe they’re working on a Covid-19 vaccine?) ... Researchers, professors, and other ...

Serial sex offender Jeffrey Epstein had extensive ties to Harvard University, review notes


“Taken as a whole, the documents suggest that Epstein viewed the PED offices as available for his use whenever he wished to gather academics together to hear scholars talk about subjects Epstein found interesting,” said the review. Nowak was placed on paid administrative leave May 1 after the review was released. "...

Book review: Doctors Are More Harmful Than Germs by Dr. Harvey Bigelsen M.D


Book review: Doctors Are More Harmful Than Germs by Dr. Harvey Bigelsen M.D Sunday, July 24, 2011 by: J. ... The lines between academics and industry blurred when it came to funding research and development. "...

Gender clinic rushed UK kids onto 'transition' pathway after one or two visits, review finds


“[T]he review heard from several staff that one member of the GIDS leadership, Sarah Davidson, would sometimes refer children for treatment after only one or two appointments,” the BBC report states. ... According to the BBC report, transcripts from the review show staff saying “some parents appeared to prefer their children to be transgender and straight, rather than gay.” "...

Monsanto behind anti-organic propaganda: Newsweek’s opinion piece proves how desperate they are to discredit organics


Right to Know show how Byrne helped Monsanto set up a front group known as Academics Review to publish reports portraying the organic industry as nothing more than a marketing scam. EcoWatch’s Stacy Malkan reports that the idea was to set up a platform that academics could use to sound credible while attacking Monsanto’s critics and receive money from industry groups. "...

Forbes.com exposed as Monsanto propaganda rag in newly released court emails


Another Monsanto employee by the name of Eric Sachs wrote an email regarding Bruce Chassy, a scientist who pro-GMO Academics Review website. ... In response, Chassy urged Wallace Hayes to do just that: “My intent was to urge you to roll back the clock, retract the paper, and restart the review process.” "...

Monsanto finally exposed as the puppet master behind the effort to retract Seralini's GMO study


Directed towards Bruce Chassy, a scientist who operates the pro-GMO website Academics Review, Sachs’ email issues a plea for more “outsiders” to send letters to the editor asking for Séralini’s study to be retracted, noting that it can’t look like such letters are in any way connected to Monsanto. “My intent was to urge you to roll back the clock, retract the paper, and restart the review process,” Sachs wrote in his letter to Chassy, which is listed alongside many other ...

Monsanto's whored-out journalists exposed: Amy Harmon, Keith Kloor, Tamar Haspel and more


Haspel participated in a conference coordinated by John Entine and his colleague Cami Ryan, and was led by the Genetic Literacy Project and Academics Review, another agrichemical front group. "...

Blueprint of Monsanto's "black ops" public relations machine REVEALED: See the names of fake front groups and science hacks who took part


. - Academics (AgBioChatter) — This is actually a “private email listserver used by the agrichemical industry and its allies to coordinate messaging and lobbying activities.” - Sense About Science — Often cited as “independent experts” by the MSM, it seems they’re in Monsanto’s back pocket. - Biofortified — A nonprofit that reportedly works with Big Ag on lobbying campaigns and PR issues. - Academics Review — USRTK has revealed that this is a front group set up by Monsanto ...

Science is BROKEN, and the peer-review process produces "utter bulls##t" parading around as real science


WHY SCIENTIFIC PEER REVIEW IS A SHAM In recent years the defects in the peer review system have been the subject of a profusion of critical editorials and studies in the literature. ... The notion of peer review has long occupied special territory in the world of science. "...

Monsanto supporters trying to get Reuters reporter fired for reporting truth about GMOs


The website Academics Review, co-founded by Bruce Chassy, a retired professor of food science at the University of Illinois, is one such critic. "...

CRIMINAL DRUG CARTEL: FDA refuses to release Pfizer covid jab data until the year 2076


As you may recall from back in August, more than 30 academics, professors and scientists from a slew of the country’s most prestigious universities came forward with a request to the FDA that it release said information for peer review. ... “While it can conduct that intense review of Pfizer’s documents in 108 days, it now asks for over 20,000 days to make these documents available to the public … So, let’s get this straight. "...

How can so many lies and so much evidence of fraud and state murder be covered up? Collective madness!


Tuesday, August 17, 2021 by: News Editors badhealth , badmedicine , big government , Collapse , conspiracy , Cover-Up , COVID , deception , depopulation , Fauci , freedom , genocide , lies , pandemic , propaganda , Tyranny , vaccine Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/544961.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) “It is incredible that this must be said, but the obvious seems to escape politicized academics, so we must state the obvious: Genocide is deliberate; ...

Uncovered: Monsanto campaign to get Séralini study retracted


Sachs refers to Bruce Chassy, a scientist who runs the pro-GMO Academics Review website. ... But since it took the journal over a year to retract the study after the months-long second review, which Hayes oversaw, it’s clear that he had an undisclosed conflict of interest from the time he entered into the contract with Monsanto and during the review process. "...

New report probes pro-GMO journalists


The conference was led by two agrichemical industry front groups, the Genetic Literacy Project and Academics Review, along with the University of Florida, which receives major funding from agrichemical companies, as noted in a September 6 article in the New York Times. "...

Monsanto's WAR on SCIENCE: How the world's most evil corporation has pushed the world's most poisoned science


The declaration came after an extensive review of the research published on the subject … Ever since, Monsanto and other multi-national chemical giants have gone after the IARC.” ... “The records suggested that Monsanto had ghostwritten research that was later attributed to academics and indicated that a senior official at the Environmental Protection Agency had worked to quash a review of Roundup’s main ingredient, glyphosate, that was to have been conducted by the United ...

Influential "Atlantic Council" partnered with flagged CCP propaganda group


-China Security and Economic Review Commission. In practice, the group has set out to “effectively disseminate positive messages to the media, key influencers and opinion leaders, and the general public” regarding the Chinese Communist Party, according to Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) filings with the Department of Justice. ... Among the U.S. participants were Atlantic Council fellows, Stanford and Georgetown academics, and former intelligence officials. "...

University professor being targeted by liberals for proving that "gender studies" is laughable junk science


Others have claimed that it’s unfair “to judge the health of a field by looking at what an insincere author can get through peer review.” ... In late 2018, he was called to meet with Institutional Review Board chair, Jack Barbera, to discuss what protocols were followed before the articles were published. "...