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Amazon sells products promoting hate – despite company guidelines prohibiting it


More than 130 products had the slogan ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards), which was a popular phrase used in Antifa circles. One such item was a sticker of a cat throwing a Molotov cocktail – with ACAB written on the improvised bomb. "...

After 9/11, liberals begged the country not to be bigoted toward all Muslims, so why are they bigoted towards ALL cops now, when only a few committed this latest atrocity?


Wells 9/11 hoax , acab , bias , bigotry , black abortions , Black Lives Matter , Collapse , depopulation , discrimination , hate , Hoax.news , insane , intolerance , left cult , liberal mentality , lunatics , Planned Parenthood , race wars , racism Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/432507.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) All of a sudden every liberal in America is screaming at the top of their lungs that “all cops are bastards .” That’s what the acronym ...

Pro-abortion leftists FIREBOMB Buffalo, NY pregnancy center


Other graffiti included the anarchist symbol – the letter A inside a circle – and the number 1312, which stood for ACAB or “all cops are bastards.” "...

Seattle Mayor paid artist to write anti-police, pro-Antifa messages on a Black Lives Matter mural


“Do they endorse the ‘ACAB’ messages written on the mural?” Shackleford also shared two videos of Enciso apparently participating in two different riots. "...

Rioters in Portland TEAR DOWN statue of Founding Father George Washington


Sucks to be George Washington right now… #Portlandprotest #statue #blacklivesmatter #PDXprotests #pdx #oregon #blm #acab #pdx #georgewashington #flagburning #StatuesMustFall pic.twitter.com/uwbTFoLUuq > > — Garrison Davis (Teargas Glutton) (@hungrybowtie) June 19, 2020 By 11 p.m., the group, which had grown to include several dozen other rioters, were able to bring down the statue and vandalize it with graffiti. "...

Op-ed: Abortion activists reveal their EVIL nature through threats and vandalism


Other graffiti spray-painted on the wall included the anarchist symbol – the letter A inside a circle – and the number 1312, which stood for ACAB or “all cops are bastards.” "...

Amazon now selling "blue lives murder" merchandise that calls for killing police


Amazon sells other hateful content such as shirts that say, ‘F*** the Police’ and “ACAB,” which is leftist shorthand for “All Cops Are B***ards.'” "...

The major difference between the Bundy Oregon Wildlife Refuge standoff of 2016 and the BLM/Antifa standoff of 2020 at Seattle’s "Capital Hill Autonomous Zone" CHAZ


What’s the difference, because they’re now standing around spray painting “Defund the Police,” “BLM” and “All Cops are Bastards ” (ACAB) on the streets and buildings? "...

Abe Lincoln statue vandalized with poop, paint; arrested suspect is a Black Lives Matter leader


> > #fuck12 #ACAB #ASBSU #fuckwhitesupremacy #fuckbigcitycoffee @astridwilde #blacklivesmatter #blmboise #blm #blacktranslivesmatter > View this post on Instagram > > A post shared by Exegesis Joe (@exegesisjoe) In an August 2020 report on a protest at the home of Council President Elaine Clegg, The Idaho Statesman described Wilson as the Boise Black Lives Matter chapter spokesperson. "...

Dominion story keeps getting worse: Ties to Clinton Foundation and Nancy Pelosi; their security chief is Antifa and Trump hater; Wikipedia protects them by censoring most of their history


Joe Oltman, a tech company CEO, contends that he located Eric Coomer’s Facebook account before the latter shut it down, and that it was a far left feast : According to Oltmann, Coomer’s now-deleted Facebook posts include his sharing songs tilted “Dead Cops,” “Dead Prez,” and “ACAB.” "...

Journalist Michael Tracey slams the fake news media for promoting transgender pro-rioting author


Tracey took Osterweil to task for the tranny’s apologia for mass violence and senseless destruction: > Here's the person NPR has chosen to explain why burning down majority-minority neighborhoods is good because it will eradicate white supremacy pic.twitter.com/riU3MhOz0v > > — Michael Tracey (@mtracey) August 29, 2020 > Of course this delusionally romanticized justification of looting as "joyous and liberatory" comes from a white lady with "ACAB" in her Twitter username https://t.co/oJMwCJJtKv ...

We've got the receipts: Liberals experience end-of-the-world meltdown as Roe v Wade is set to be overturned


No States (@Vicky_ACAB) May 3, 2022 Besides underhanded threats, many Democratic lawmakers and bluechecks also signaled that an imminent reversal of Roe is the prompt that finally justifies irreversible moves like abolishing the filibuster, jurisdiction stripping, and outright packing of the Supreme Court. "...



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