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FACT CHECK: It turns out there are almost certainly half a BILLION firearms in the hands of Americans right now... and Dems want to somehow confiscate them all


FACT CHECK: It turns out there are almost certainly half a BILLION firearms in the hands of Americans right now… and Dems want to somehow confiscate them all Wednesday, March 13, 2019 by: JD Heyes 660 million , atf , database , democrats , Federal Firearms License , firearms , firearms confiscation , Gear , gun confiscation , gun control , gun figures , gun ownership , gun rights , gun sales , gun sanctuaries , guns , Liberty , patriots , Second Amendment , Second Amendment sanctuary ...

Major crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital files for bankruptcy and fires 25% of workforce as crypto implosion spreads


A court order in the British Virgin Islands ordered their liquidation after they defaulted on a loan worth $660 million to crypto brokerage Voyager Digital. ... It was founded by Kyle Davies and Zhu Su, who is now trying to sell the $35 million mansion he bought in December. "...

Inflation causing financial stress on young, low-income Americans


A random sampling of 12.5 million U.S. credit files compiled by credit score company VantageScore revealed that credit card balances for people aged 25 and younger increased by 30 percent in the second quarter from a year before in comparison with an increase of just 11 percent among the older population. Balances for non-prime borrowers, or people with credit scores below 660, increased by almost 25 percent over the same period. "...

BIG BROTHER ROBOTS: Roomba pursuing plan to share 3D maps of your private home with Google, Apple and Amazon


It now has a market value of almost $2.5 billion on revenue last year of $660 million. "...

Russia, which is now far more Christian than America, just introduced new law criminalizing "LGBT propaganda"


“The punishments would be more severe if the suspected violations were carried out with the use of mass media or the internet, in which case the fines would range from 100,000 and 500,000 rubles ($1,660- $8,300) for ordinary citizens, 500,000 to one million rubles ($8,300-$16,600) for officials, and up to 10 million ($166,000) for legal entities,” RT explains. “Foreign citizens are also mentioned in the bill, as they could also face fines of between 40,000 and 100,000 rubles ...

Texas' largest power coop files for bankruptcy as credit crisis spreads


Court documents show that Brazos Electric Power Cooperative, which supplies electricity to more than 660,000 consumers across the state, filed for Chapter 11 in the U.S. ... ERCOT on Monday said that $2.46 million in bills went unpaid, underscoring the financial stress on utilities and power marketers. "...

Researchers find that the Earth's mantle is "more dynamic" than previously believed


The lower mantle starts 410 miles (660 km) beneath the crust of the planet. It ends at a depth of 621 miles (1,000 km). ... Ferreira’s team drew upon 43 million seismic measurements of Earth to simulate the planet’s interior. "...

DEA plans to criminalize kratom, claims herbal supplement is a health hazard


., located in Illinois, and the total value of the products taken amounted to nearly half a million dollars. ... So, 660 phone calls over five years averages out to 132 phone calls each year to poison control. "...

Cell phone distracted teen drivers pose a FAR greater threat to public safety than unvaccinated children


If the new data are representative, that would make distracted teenagers drivers responsible for more than 200,000 injuries and 1,660 deaths. ... These numbers nowhere near approach the more than 1,660 killed by distracted teen drivers (itself a low estimate). "...

Austrian police patrol shops, highways hunting for the unvaccinated


Those caught outside without proof of vaccination face fines of up to $1,660. Last week, Austria’s Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said the lockdown was designed to make the unvaccinated “suffer” as everyone else had done during earlier lockdowns. ... Read more at: Summit.news Previous :Diabolical — How digital ID will control your life Next : Drug overdose deaths top 100K in a year, breaking previous records - More news on Austria Austrian police patrol shops, highways hunting for the ...

Lieutenant governor of Texas slams radical left's agenda to disrupt family


(Article by Patrick Butler republished from TheEpochTimes.com ) Patrick made his comments during a 15-minute phone interview at Dallas area radio station 660 AM “The Answer” on April 6. ... Next : You cannot boost your way through COVID - More news on abortions Lieutenant governor of Texas slams radical left’s agenda to disrupt family Colorado governor signs bill stating unborn human babies have no rights Fetal deaths up by nearly 2,000% since start of COVID vaccine rollout ABORTION WELFARE: ...

Illinois is about to declare a state of bankruptcy and seize all state pension funds, just as the Health Ranger repeatedly warned for the last year


The Chicago Tribune reports $57 million has already been paid for some “interest on overdue bills.” That figure doesn’t include another $370 million in interest owed on unpaid bills to the Illinois healthcare system which, as an entity, is also owed another $4 billion for services rendered. "...

Pandemic widens gap between rich and poor, analysis shows


In that span, 46 millionaires have become billionaires bringing the total of American billionaires to 660. During the same period, 18 million Americans remain jobless, 6.2 million are underemployed and hundreds of thousands of small businesses have been forced to close. "...

WHO says 10 percent of world’s population “may have been infected” with the coronavirus


Ryan’s estimate, which amounts to more than 760 million people, goes beyond the 35 million worldwide confirmed COVID-19 cases, as tallied by Johns Hopkins University (JHU). ... JHU data shows that the U.S. has the highest number of COVID-19 cases at 7.4 million, with 210,196 deaths and 2.9 million recoveries. "...

Indian startup promotes cow dung logs for cremating coronavirus victims


According to the group, India performs 8.2 million cremations using wood every year with 16.4 million trees being cut for fuel. ... Using cow dung logs also helps the environment According to Project Arth, 520 million kilograms of cow dung are wasted every day. "...

Secret UK health doc predicts “80%” will become afflicted with coronavirus as outbreak stretches into 2021 and kills 500,000-plus


The briefing represents the latest mindset within the UK’s top government medical echelons regarding the impact of coronavirus on the country of nearly 68 million people. ... Those workers include 1 million NHS staff and about 1.5 million social workers. "...

National Health Service Recruits Six Times More Bureaucrats than Nurses


There are now 44,660 bureaucrats employed by the health service. Total staff numbers in the NHS reached 1,432,000 in 2009, which is 30 percent more than a decade before. This means that, with a population of 60 million people, an incredible one in every 42 people living in Britain is employed by the NHS. "...

Abbott temporarily bans energy companies from billing Texans after some got charged thousands of dollars for a few days of power


One of the most disturbing bills we have seen was the one received by Ty Williams, who told WFAA that normally he pays around $660 per month for electricity. ... Because well over 4.5 million Texas households were without power during the peak of the crisis, energy demand soared – and so did people’s bills. "...

Desperate Germany announces national lockdown for the unvaccinated


The more than 12 million adults who aren’t inoculated is what is creating a challenge for the health system.” ... Police checks will be enforced and violators will face fines of up to 1,450 euros ($1,660). "...

Study shows commercial influence of doctors runs surprisingly deep


In total, they identified 3,132 events with roughly 96,660 attendees. Perhaps not surprisingly, they discovered that just a few companies were sponsoring the bulk of such events. ... They estimate that 11.4 million people misuse prescription opioids. Not surprisingly, Purdue Pharma tried to shift the blame, with ex-president Richard Sackler writing in a confidential email that “we have to hammer on the abusers in every way possible. "...