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How safe are vegan diets for your pet dogs and cats? - NaturalNews.com
Are vegan diets the way to go? Animal microbiologist Holly Ganz has been called upon to assess the "gut-friendliness" of Wild Earth's koji products. "We're hoping that it will ...
Vegan-friendly fashion found to be surprisingly bad for the environment - NaturalNews...
... It's time to rethink sustainability, environmental friendliness, and the purpose of animals The issue is hardly black and white, as there are good ways to grow cotton as well as ...
World Bank warns of food riots as rising food prices push world populations toward...
... Take away the food and all illusions of social friendliness vanish in about nine meals (three days). No local police force can hope to control the actions of the starving masses, ...
Video game news, articles and information:
... The new rules of imperialism: Economic warfare, consumer products and disease exports Nintendo: Greenpeace Ranks Eco-Friendliness of Electronics Manufacturers; Nintendo Dead Last ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Is Modern Day Yoga helpful for a healthy lifestyle?
... Regular yoga practice increases feelings of compassion and friendliness. Yoga focuses on inner peace and not trying to take on more than what you need, as well as avoiding negative ...
Greenpeace news, articles and information:
... Following a Greenpeace report accusing Indonesian palm oil producer Sinar... Greenpeace Ranks Eco-Friendliness of Electronics Manufacturers; Nintendo Dead Last 7/17/2008 - In the ...
Rivers news, articles and information:
... Toxic China: Heavy metal cadmium openly dumped into rivers by mining companies 2/6/2012 - China is not exactly the poster child of environmental friendliness, and this was further ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Simple Ways to Make Your Job Greener
... As the above examples show, it's very possible to transform your workplace into a model of eco-friendliness, all by being conscious of light use and equipment usage, reusing and ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Computers - 2/11 - NaturalNewsBlogs
... In the era of tablets and smartphones, Android has managed to create its identity. All the android devices are known for their user-friendliness and the interface, the price of the ...
Will future buildings be made from vegetables?
... Cellucomp Ltd., meanwhile, is already using knowledge derived from this research to improve another common product's strength and environmental friendliness. The company is making ...
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