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Exposing the toxicity of the common weedkiller, Atrazine - NaturalNews.com
Much research has indicated that the pesticide is in fact capable of significant endocrine disruption, among other ill effects. Atrazine was banned by the European Union in 2003 - ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Take control of your health before it's too late
On March 13, 2002, the European Parliament - a 626 member legislative body representing the 15 European union countries - passed the "EU Directive on Dietary Supplements", which ...
Authority news, articles and information:
EU Food Safety Authority admits glyphosate formulations are "genotoxic" 11/22/2015 - The European Union Food Safety Authority (EFSA) seemingly handed Monsanto a victory on November ...
Free public transpo may solve air pollution problems in Germany - NaturalNews.com
The official statement was given in response to increasing pressure from the European Union (EU) to tackle the country's deadly air pollution. The proposal was written by German ...
Researchers have found illegal levels of ARSENIC in baby rice food products - NaturalNews...
The study was conducted in response to the European Union (EU) imposing a maximum limit on the levels of inorganic arsenic manufacturers were allowed to leave in their products. ...
This common herbicide used in the US was banned by the EU - linked to cancer, birth...
Atrazine, for example, is the second most popular herbicide in the United States, and it's so toxic that it has been banned in Europe. Over a decade ago, the European Union chose ...
Illegal immigration news, articles and information:
hypocrisy to new levels in criticism of the European Union and top GOP presidential contender and real estate mogul Donald Trump, both over the subject of illegal immigration. ...
French government news, articles and information:
What are these chemicals doing to the human race as a whole? Expert health officials from the French government are pressuring the European Union to define these ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Neosporin Causes Cancer & Weakens Your Immune System! Try This Homemade...
About 25% of users experience this, sometimes severely. -It contains petroleum. Neosporin consists of several antibiotics suspended in a petroleum jelly and European Union has ...
Search Results - NaturalNews.com
EU institutions; only corporations get a say Thursday, February 26, 2015 by: J. D. Heyes Tags: European Union, environmental groups, globalist corporations European Union Most ... ...
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