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Sports drink news, articles and information:
Energy drinks: Teens who use energy drinks more likely to smoke, use alcohol, take drugs Sports drinks: Sports drinks are sometimes better than water, but can also cause kidney ...
Real global warming could be unleashed by a hidden technology most people don't even...
... In fact, if energy becomes "free," suddenly the whole world wants to build and use more free energy devices. Powering huge boats through the ocean is suddenly "free" in terms of ...
Glow-in-the-dark materials may soon be made organically, for less - NaturalNews.com
These organic carbon materials are cheaper and don't need to be exposed to high temperatures to manufacture. "Many organic materials can use energy absorbed from light to emit ...
Public believes solar panels will drain the sun's energy - NaturalNews.com
... (And for the record, compressed air cars are extremely inefficient in terms of energy use per mile, once you include the energy cost of compressing the air in the first ...
A guide to supplying your homestead with solar power - NaturalNews.com
... It's better to refer to the season that gives you the least amount of sunshine so your calculations are accurate and you don't run out of solar energy. Use this calculator to ...
NaturalNewsBlogs holisticman, Author at NaturalNewsBlogs
Simple A-Z Health Tips A....Astragalus Root Extract. Adaptogenic herb, tonic, safe for long-term use! Build immunity and energy! One rule of herbs...u must take them to understand ...
Renewed science effort under way to turn water into fuel using energy from solar...
"We have lots of solar energy and we have seawater. If we could use water-splitting to produce hydrogen from water with minor pretreatment and limited requirement for fossil fuel ...
NaturalNewsBlogs St. Kitts Takes the Smart Meter Route Thanks to Canadian Company
In short, the new system will give customers a quicker, more accurate read of their own energy usage. The new meters will use existing infrastructure already in place in St. Kitts, ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Ketosis: Filling up your fuel tank differently
Our body goes into a state of ketosis to keep itself working when carbohydrates are lacking. Our body makes ketones when carbs are scarce in order to now use fat as the main energy ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Intermittent Fasting Can Help You Lose Weight, But is it Right For...
If you consume carbohydrates at this point, then your body will use them to refuel the muscles and your energy stores rather than increasing fat (which is called 'lipogenesis' by ...
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