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Is oral hygiene the key to preventing erectile dysfunction? - NaturalNews.com
Their findings reflected the outcome of a 2011 animal study by Southwest Medical University (SWMU). The earlier study also investigated the connection between brushing teeth and ...
Use natural remedies to grow back receding gums - NaturalNews.com
According to Healthline, receding gums may also occur if: * You have been brushing your teeth too hard for a long time * You haven't brushed your teeth enough, allowing plaque to ...
NaturalNewsBlogs 3 Ways to avoid living with tooth pain
Parents have instilled this in their children centuries ago, and the same rules apply today. Brushing the teeth and gums, as well as the tongue can greatly reduce tooth decay, ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Top 10 Health Mistakes Women Make in Their 30s
However, it is bad for your teeth to brush immediately following eating. The Mayo Clinic has determined that brushing teeth following eating foods, especially acidic foods, will ...
No toothpaste can compensate for bad bacteria in your mouth: You can't have good...
... Healthy lifestyle for healthy teeth Aside from brushing teeth regularly and having regular dental check-ups, healthy lifestyle changes are also needed for achieving good oral ...
Oil pulling news, articles and information:
Oil pulling can reduce gum disease, improve oral health and decrease risk of heart and pregnancy issues 6/3/2015 - Brushing your teeth and keeping your mouth clean aren't just ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Natural Care to Heal Cavities and Gum Disease
Do not swallow and discard the oil by immediately rinsing mouth with warm water, followed by brushing teeth like you would every day. Not only it helps in reducing headaches or ...
NaturalNewsBlogs NaturalNewsBlogs
But only lately has this form of alternate energy started to... 0 Shares | | Posted in Environment Tips to Help Kids Enjoy Brushing Their Teeth Tips to Help Kids Enjoy Brushing ...
Just another sugary snack: Yogurt increases risk of tooth decay in children; experts...
(Natural News) Sugary snacks increase the risk of tooth decay in children, while tooth brushing does not completely help protect their teeth from the effects, according to a study. ...
A holistic approach to dental health may just save your teeth - NaturalNews.com
A holistic approach to dental health may just save your teeth (Natural News) When it comes having healthy teeth, most people know that regular brushing and flossing is essential. ...
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