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Exercise in childhood and adolescence may stave off osteoporosis (press release)...
... Lee and colleague followed a group of 99 children, aged 8 to 18, to determine how changes in physical activity affects their bone mineral density, a measure of bone strength. ...
Fosamax: Bone up on drug dangers and alternatives - NaturalNews.com
... Tweet Delicious diaspora Print Email Share (NaturalNews) The breaking news is that Fosamax, the popular drug for supposed bone strength, may cause "spontaneous fractures." ...
Study Suggests Fruits and Vegetables May Improve Bone Health - NaturalNews.com
... These steps would not only be beneficial for bone strength, but for many other aspects of health, too. Source Fruit and veg may boost bone health: study (http://...
6 Reasons to eat antioxidant-rich Swiss chard - NaturalNews.com
... These nutrients are important for maintaining skeletal structure, mineral density, and bone strength. Warding off cancer: Research shows that Swiss chard helps fight cancer because ...
Fight menopausal symptoms with fermented red clover extract - NaturalNews.com
... Alfalfa - This is a rich source of calcium, magnesium, silica and boron, which are important components to building new bone and maintaining bone density and strength. For more on ...
NaturalNewsBlogs NaturalNewsBlogs
about managing my bone... 0 Shares | | Posted in Fitness, Fitness Nutrition, Food, Health, Holistic Medicine, Medicine, Nutrition, Nutritional Medicine, Strength Training ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Food - 494/521 - NaturalNewsBlogs
... Silica is a mineral best known for its joint and cartilage health benefits as well as for increasing bone strength and integrity. But another purpose is quickly gaining and it is ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Four teas that prevent cancer, reduce risk of hypertension, and...
Consumption of tea is linked to lower risk of Parkinson's disease. Tea protects against ultraviolet rays. Green tea improves bone mineral density and strength.(2) Four types of tea ...
Olives are good at reducing fatty liver - NaturalNews.com
... Improving bone strength - The components in olives can protect against the loss of bone mass. This is why olives have been linked to a decreased risk of bone fractures and ...
Bisphosphonate drug treatment for osteoporosis causes MORE bone fractures, not less...
... Not so with bisphosphonates, drugs that are supposed to improve bone strength in patients at risk of or saddled with osteoporosis. They, instead, seem to worsen it. According to ...
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