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NaturalNewsBlogs Health - 411/840 - NaturalNewsBlogs
The traditional answer to this question has been that children will start to experience body odor when they hit puberty and their bodies start to experience hormonal changes. In ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Angela Collison, Author at NaturalNewsBlogs
Please visit us at www.trulysnaturaldeodorant.com to see if our product is right for you and your child. Body Odor in Children Is it a Sign of Early Puberty? The traditional answer ...
Keep an "eye" on your health with a sniff test: Armpit odor is an indicator of overall...
The participants were grouped according to the kind of body odor-controlling product they used, if any. On the first day, the volunteers were asked to use their respective products ...
NaturalNewsBlogs DIY: How to make your natural perfume at home?
Keywords: DIY, natural odor control, natural perfume, perfume, scent People need a perfume as the body odor can not always be a very pleasing smell. The current market offers a ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Aluminum in Deodorants Can Cause Breast Cancer! Try Lime Instead...
When the balance between good and bad bacteria on your skin gets disrupted, the bad bacteria take over and cause body odor. The smell is strongest when your skin is wet, and that's ...
Deodorants news, articles and information:
Make Natural, Harmless Deodorants with Essential Oils 3/17/2010 - Using deodorants and antiperspirants are considered by many to be essential in order to prevent body odor. Finding ...
The science behind "familiar smells:" How odors affect memory formation in the brain...
brain stimulation, entorhinal cortex, goodscience, hippocampus, memory, mind body science, nose, odor, olfactory receptors, piriform cortex, scent, smell, synaptic plasticity ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Lifestyle - 276/553 - NaturalNewsBlogs
We should strive to keep them healthy. What better... 0 Shares | | Posted in Lifestyle, Personal Care Body Odor in Children Body Odor in Children Is it a Sign of Early Puberty? The ...
Antiperspirants news, articles and information:
Deodorants and antiperspirants may actually increase offensive odor in addition to wreaking havoc on health Make Natural, Harmless Deodorants with Essential Oils Body odor can be ...
NaturalNewsBlogs 8 Reasons To Drink Wheatgrass Everyday
Wheatgrass can suppress the appetite, reduce body odor, prevent preventing cancer, and more. Packed with minerals, potassium, calcium, and amino acids, wheat grass can really ...
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