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... antidepressants alternatives antidepressants and suicide antidiabetes antidiabetic antidiabetic agent antidiabetic compound antidiabetic medication antidiabetic potential ...
Rosemary, oregano and marjoram extracts fight type 2 diabetes - NaturalNews.com
... more beneficial than popular antidiabetic drugs Though the herbs demonstrated efficacy similar to, or even exceeding, that of popular antidiabetic medications, the study's ...
7 paleo foods that naturally lower your blood pressure - NaturalNews.com
... from bananas a potential natural cure for diabetes Banana stem juice demonstrates antidiabetic potential - study Bananas now on the brink of EXTINCTION Japanese farmers create ...
7 reasons to go bananas for bananas - NaturalNews.com
... More news on bananas 7 reasons to go bananas for bananas Stem juice from bananas a potential natural cure for diabetes Banana stem juice demonstrates antidiabetic potential - study ...
Prandin side effects and nutritional deficiencies
... PDR for Herbal Medicines, 2nd edition, Medical Economics Company, 2000 15 Yongchaiyudha S, Rungpitarangsi V, Bunyapraphatsara N, et al. Antidiabetic activity of Aloe vera L. juice. ...
Cultivated for more than 10,000 years, sweet potatoes have out-lived many civilizations...
... remarkable antioxidant activity A South American flowering plant is found to have antidiabetic effects A powerful wound-healing medicine found in a traditional Indian plant Milk ...
Natural Cures to Replace or Enhance Diabetes Medications
... I've used it for years and was pleased to find a research abstract that showed that cumin was as effective as glibenclamide (a common antidiabetic drug) and more effective in ...
Eating a variety of functional foods works best to prevent disease - NaturalNews...
... Inger Bjorck, professor of food-related nutrition at Lund and head of the University's Antidiabetic Food Centre, and colleagues fed 44 healthy, but overweight, people a specific ...
Yet another amazing benefit of eating dark chocolate - NaturalNews.com
... The researchers said, "Oligomeric PCs appear to possess the greatest antiobesity and antidiabetic bioactivities of the flavanols in cocoa, particularly at the low doses employed ...
Potential of Pterostilbene in Human Health is Promising - NaturalNews.com
... Chemist Rimando began experimenting with pterostilbene as early as the 1990's when its fungicidal and antidiabetic properties had already been established. In 2002 Rimando and her ...
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