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National media wages psychological terror campaign against Americans to set stage...
It is under the Patriot Act that animal rights activists are now arrested and charged as "domestic terrorists." It's the Patriot Act that gave the FBI and NSA the authority to ...
Dairy news, articles and information:
employees were suspended after an animal rights group released a video showing cows being viciously beaten and kicked in the head repeatedly at the farm in British Columbia. ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Going Vegan, using your religion as an excuse !
There are no politics to speak of, as such, regarding being vegan, unless we touch on the animal rights side of things. Religion is a completely different matter though! Let's ...
Toronto news, articles and information:
- While a truck filled with pigs was on its way to an Ontario, Canada, pork processing plant in June 2015, animal rights activist Anita Krajnc tried to give the animals water. ...
YouTube shooter identified as left-wing Farsi-speaking VEGAN named Nasim Aghdam;...
The shooter has now been identified, according to multiple media sources. She's a 38-year-old left-wing Farsi-speaking vegan animal rights protester named Nasim Aghdam, and she ...
activists articles and information on the NaturalNews Network, the independent health...
And then they came for the food activists Published January 5 2012 Concepts: food, terrorists, activists, food freedom, FBI Green is the new Red - how animal rights activists are ...
Rights news, articles and information:
... Tune in to the Health Ranger Report... SeaWorld now using spy infiltration techniques against animal rights activists 9/16/2015 - SeaWorld is not exactly known for a stellar ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Is Whole Foods Humane Meat Label False Advertising?
Whole Foods undoubtedly sells a lot of plant based products and I think it goes without saying most vegans and animal rights activists appreciate WFM for that reason. But, that ...
Chinese scientists genetically engineer monkeys to be autistic - NaturalNews.com
study that has been slammed by animal rights groups, scientists in China have engineered autistic macaques using a human "autism gene" that has been linked to autistic symptoms. ...
Unconstitutional news, articles and information:
Idaho ag-gag law ruled unconstitutional by federal judge 8/23/2015 - In what has been hailed a victory for civil and animal rights activists, a federal court has ruled that an ...
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