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Science - 29/33 - NaturalNewsBlogs
It was a lost herbal therapy until rediscovered in ancient manuscripts in 1970's. It has ... What makes a Healthy Diet? Today there are so many diets out there. Which one is the right ...
7 Natural Ways to Detox the Body
... Surprisingly, acupuncture is also a great way to cleanse the body. It is an ancient and ... and naturopathic and natural treatments, wellness, medical marijuana, diets and fitness.
Grains news, articles and information:
PM - For centuries, humans consumed ancient, naturally occurring grains, but ... It can be seen in the people's faces, passing by one... Diets lacking fresh, whole foods ...
Food - 116/317 - NaturalNewsBlogs
incorporating green smoothies into their diets... 0 Shares | | Posted in Fitness, Food, ... Personal Care, Water Golden milk: Ancient Drink To Heal An Array Of Ailments ...
Prisons news, articles and information:
country 1/5/2014 - Dating back to the ancient Mediterranean societies and Greek ... Diet: Plant-Based Diets: An Overview of Options for Optimal Health Supplements: The Health ...
Study: Magnesium Supplements Linked To Improved Health For Diabetics
... diets because their diets are high in refined foods, meat and dairy products. .../article/002423.htm http://www.ancient-minerals.com/magnesium-deficiency/need-more/ http://...
A New York project aims to revive an ancient and sacred variety of white corn - NaturalNew...
... An ancient and sacred product As early as the 17th century, women from the Ganondagan were ... More news on diabetes Prevent diabetes with plant-based diets: It's not just cutting sugar ...
Top seven vegan sources of protein - NaturalNews.com
... - a staple in most vegetarian and vegan diets. * 1 oz. cashews - 4.4 grams * 1 oz. ... protein 4. Non-dairy milk - Soy, almond, ancient grain. 1 cup gets you 7-9 grams of ...
Why go grain-free? - NaturalNews.com
... are taking this diet to a new level by eliminating all grains from their diets as well. ... The idea behind Paleo is eating mostly foods that our ancestors in ancient times would ...
Changes in diet radically reform gut bacteria in just one day - NaturalNews.com
... "It creates a way of buffering nutritional changes and may have enabled ancient humans to ... This may explain, in part, why high-fat diets are linked with inflammatory bowel disease. ...
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