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October 19, 2017 - Isabelle Z. MYSTERY: Ancient structures found at the gateways of ... proved to be more energy-efficient, their cycles were, if anything, pathetic. ... [Read ...
Scientists confirm: Ancient Egyptians wore jewelry made of materials from outer space...
... new evidence on the ancient Egyptian beads. He says, "The shape of the beads was obtained by smithing and rolling, most likely involving multiple cycles of hammering, and not ...
Mammals have a 12-hour biological clock distinct from the 24-hour circadian rhythm...
lab has been working on how the 24-hour cycles are regulated, and we and others have ... "Of all the genes we analyzed, two sets with 12-hour cycles stood out; those involved with ...
Search Results - NaturalNews.com
Wohlleben shared that after stumbling upon an ancient tree stump that had been ... that ... http://www.naturalnews.com/...ws-off-their-sleep-cycles.html Riding your bike to work ...
http://www.naturalnews.com/...ry=green living&pr=NN&jump=160
Menstrual Cramps Are No Match for Reiki
It's about Reiki. Reiki is an ancient Japanese art of energy healing. Reiki, loosely ... symptoms associated with their monthly cycles, so I put a small study together...I ...
Symbiotic Synergy of the Sun and Earth Changes
It is a interrelated or interdependent interaction. Science and ancient texts now find a ... together shifting the weather into new cycles of intensity. "The horror story of ...
Moon news, articles and information:
Moon planting: The art of gardening in accord with lunar cycles 2/11/2013 - Moon planting ... It has origins in ancient times, possibly in Babylon or Egypt, when man ascertained the ...
Secret tunnel system discovered beneath Pyramid of the Moon in Mexico - NaturalNews...
Friday, July 14, 2017 by: Jhoanna Robinson Tags: ancient civilization, Ancient ... was used purely for rituals, as part of ceremonies to celebrate the agricultural cycles." ...
A Flourishing Yin: Gender in China's Medical History, 960-1665
Shen/ the Spirit, and the developmental stages of the woman's life cycles. Learn more... ... Great American Dust Bowl Dao of Chinese Medicine : Understanding an Ancient Healing Art
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Moon planting: The art of gardening in accord with lunar cycles By Michael Ravensthorpe, ... It has origins in ancient times, possibly in Babylon or Egypt, when man ascertained the ...
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