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Defibrillators news, articles and information:
... (AEDs) -- lifesaving devices now ubiquitous in malls, airports and even churches -- found that unit malfunctions have caused roughly 370 deaths since their inception. ...
Agents news, articles and information:
TSA training to arm its agents with guns at airports 4/16/2015 - They are some of the worst functionaries of the federal government and part of an agency that is roundly reviled, ...
Cancer survivors news, articles and information:
sordid details about how they were mistreated and humiliated by U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners at various U.S. airports over the past several years. ...
Tennessee news, articles and information:
Security Administration (TSA) announced last year that it would soon begin setting up security checkpoints in places other than just airports, it definitely was not joking. ...
Passenger news, articles and information:
huge error rate of up to 40%, but Australian government officials plan to set up the scanners in airports regardless. These radiation-launching machines, also known as Advanced... ...
Federal court rules naked body scanners are illegal, but says they can continue to...
... at airports without first taking public comment on the issue. However, the court also ruled that it will not require the illegal scanners to be removed from airports, but ...
Chemicals found in firefighting foam linked to cancer, thyroid disease, and other...
The fire suppressant material is also required in all commercial U.S. airports, where people train with the firefighting foam. While there is no question that PFAS are effective in ...
Tokyo news, articles and information:
... Flights from Tokyo triggering radiation detectors at US airports 3/18/2011 - Reports have ... cargo, and even passengers themselves, flying into US airports from Tokyo, Japan. ...
German aerospace expert says that electric planes may be in our very near future...
A single vehicle could accommodate 10 to 40 passengers and will stage out of a small hub. Compared to normal airfields and airports, these e-plane hubs can be built much closer to ...
naturalnews.com feature article archives
... could come as early as 2013. Trials are currently underway at several European airports. ... Full-body scans rolled out at all Australian airports with new 'no scan, no fly' law By ...
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