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Reduce your exposure to cancer-causing petrochemicals - NaturalNews.com
... This includes cleaning products, laundry detergents, and dishwashing soaps. Never use air fresheners except for those made only with essential, aromatic oils. Have everyone take ...
Poison is in your perfume - NaturalNews.com
... most cherished night-out-on-the-town scent. "Fragrance" is a common ingredient in air fresheners, cleaning products, lotions, cosmetics, shampoos, and sadly enough, baby products. ...
Seven easy ways to cancer-proof your home and life - NaturalNews.com
... Protect yourself from household carcinogens 1) Toss your conventionally produced household products: cleaners, air-fresheners, laundry detergents and bleaches, dish soaps, and ...
Phthalates news, articles and information:
... According to a lawsuit filed by CEH, Apple's failure to include a warning label... Consumer alert: Popular air fresheners found to contain toxic chemical 9/26/2007 - A test of air ...
Unsafe home environments: How unseen toxins in your home can affect your family's...
... Fabric dryer sheets actually put petroleum and potentially dangerous artificial fragrances on clothes, and air fresheners also contain these fragrances, which may interfere with ...
Phthalates should be avoided in personal care products - NaturalNews.com
... Some of these products include nail polish, perfumes, lotions, air fresheners, soaps, cosmetics and hair care products. The health concerns for this chemical are vast. Perhaps the ...
Cleanse your home of these harmful chemicals - NaturalNews.com
... Another great solution is using 3% hydrogen peroxide and vinegar in separate bottles sprayed together on dirty surfaces. Air Fresheners: These products simply mask one smell with ...
Sources of Hazardous Chemicals in Everyday Household Products Revealed in New Book...
... cleaners and where to buy "green" commercial brands How to make your own natural air fresheners and where to buy eco-friendly commercial brands How to keep your home free of ...
Build a Good Natural Foundation for the Best Health and Longevity - NaturalNews.com
... from your home and workplace environment, such as commercial cleaning products, air fresheners and air sprays, cosmetics, deodorants, pesticides and herbicides. * Eat a very ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Killing You Softly; Confessions of your Skin Care
... Where: They are found in skin care cosmetics, personal care products, cleaning products, detergents and air fresheners. Manufacturers aren't required to list phthalates on the ...
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