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State and local GMO bans declared legal in Pacific Northwest - NaturalNews.com
... should have the right to decide for themselves what kind of agricultural products they want grown on their locally owned land and within their locally inhabited ecosystems. ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Navajo Have Long Road To Hemp Cultivation
The Navajo hope to begin growing industrial hemp on native land as soon as next year. ... In 2014 President Obama signed the Agricultural Act, also known as the 2014 Farm Bill, ...
Mexico continues to outlaw Monsanto's GMO corn - NaturalNews.com
1.7 million acres of land. And, both applications are still pending approval. Hopefully, that day never comes. While Monsanto hails itself as an agricultural business, we all ...
Costa Rica news, articles and information:
With the exception of about 1,000 acres of land that have been devoted to the cultivation ... of Costa Rica, which is known for its bio-diverse agricultural heritage and stunning... ...
Staying safe when SHTF: How to defend your Bug Out Location - NaturalNews.com
... necessity, and a place to re-establish community. Defend your land Set up traps and trip wires around your agricultural space, to keep thieves out of your freshly grown food. ...
Fruits news, articles and information:
... But there is a new agricultural revolution sweeping the land that is changing the way humans eat... Eating fruits and vegetables makes you look more attractive within six weeks 3/...
Locally grown and brewed: Foraged beer reconnects brewing with the land - NaturalNews...
brewing with the land (Natural News) What makes a craft beer truly "locally-made"? ... In response to this agricultural disconnect, a growing number of breweries are making ...
NaturalNewsBlogs 12 Principles Changing the World
... in paving the way for a sustainable agricultural future. Short sighted profitability must make way for long term sustainability of our land and environment. (1) The following ...
Tasmania news, articles and information:
has a population of half-a-million people and includes 26,000 square miles of land. ... the island of Tasmania, one of the few agricultural hotspots in the world not yet tainted ...
Here's another reason to use organic fertilizer: Crops show greater development ...
is becoming a trend - even for big agricultural companies which normally make use of ... The land used for the study was a no-tillage and crop rotation area. (Read: Yummier and ...
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