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NaturalNewsBlogs DEA's Proposed Ban on Kratom Harms Those They Claim to Protect
industry's heavy marketing of opioids as minimally addictive pain relief in the 1990s. ... all of which occur in multidrug users who were taking substances known to cause death. ...
Symptoms news, articles and information:
The problem is: amalgam fillings contain mercury - one of the most toxic substances on the ... lessen the impact of PMS... Ditch the addictive Adderall: What is ADHD and can changing ...
Five dangers to indulging in simple carbs - NaturalNews.com
... amongst health practitioners about the addictive nature of sugar, explaining that even ... Sensitization to sugar also increases hyperactivity and the intakes of other substances ...
WHO drug advisor criticizes cannabis, likens it to heroin addiction, as media follows...
... Cannabis is really medicine at its core, NOT an addictive drug causing schizophrenia The ... to remove marijuana from controlled substances list Medical cannabis proves miraculous ...
Prescription drug news, articles and information:
... are in possession of powerful prescription painkillers and other controlled substances. ... Pharmacists, doctors are the new drug dealers who flood the streets with addictive pills ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Depression and Kratom
... Interestingly, sugar has been found in studies of brain wave activity to be as addictive ... other unnatural substances to help us cope with our unnatural way of nourishing ourselves. ...
Drinking plenty of water, eating breakfast and loading up on protein most effective...
With one study finding that sugar is as addictive as cocaine, it's easy to see why so many ... In fact, these toxic substances actually boost your sugar cravings and make it harder for ...
Two lesser-known techniques that really stop panic attacks - NaturalNews.com
... Using recreational stimulants - This includes caffeine/coffee. Withdrawal from substances ... Some people suggest anti-anxiety medications for panic attacks, but they can be addictive. ...
Majority of people consider alcohol more harmful than marijuana, according to recent...
... Lukas conducted two studies that compared how both substances affected people. In one ... send Big Pharma executives to prison An addictive personality isn't all bad - here's how ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Want a Healthier Brain? Start Avoiding Refined Sugar!
meet its sugar cravings if the regular supply of this addictive sugar is suddenly cut off. ... of scientifically tested natural substances with proven effects in cancer ...
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