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depression articles and information on the NaturalNews Network, the independent health...
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Powerful integrative treatment for depression Published June 29 2012 Concepts: treatment, depression, health, mental, magnetic stimulation ...
Alzheimer’s Risk Diminished by Behavioral Trait
Even when mental stimulation and exercise were accounted for by researchers the link remained strong. The trait? Conscientiousness. A Rush University Medical Center study followed ...
NaturalNewsBlogs PSIO Glasses Passive Stress Relief
Through audio-visual stimulation at just the right frequency, your brainwaves naturally ... the PSIO. PSIO has taken audio-visual stimulation to the next level by 1) making it ...
Police, SWAT teams storm college block party with LRAD sound cannon weapons, tear...
... force" was sent in to intimidate students with long-range acoustic device (LRAD) sound weapons, tear gas, riot gear, dogs, and even physical assaults -- all for no apparent reason. ...
Search Results - NaturalNews.com
PMS? - NaturalNews.com Thursday, January 03, 2019 by: Ellaine Castillo Tags: aroma stimulation, aromatherapy, Autonomic nervous system, Citrus junos, Emotions, essential oils, ...
http://www.naturalnews.com/...=nervous system&pr=NN&jump=130
NaturalNewsBlogs Fight Cancer with 7 Super Spices and Herbs
Some of them contain phytochemicals that biologically affect the human body and provide stimulation to our immune system. Scientists believe that phytochemicals may be of great ...
NaturalNewsBlogs The Importance of Healthy Living One Should Be Aware Of!
mental health with regular mental stimulation, these articles that I will write here ... Healthy living is comprised of eating choices, exercise choices, mental stimulation ...
Electronic medical device proven to treat depression suddenly denied approval by...
But the device uses no drugs whatsoever -- rather, it uses electrical stimulation, which is a part of a growing trend in pioneering medicine called electromedicine. What's ...
Our Noise could be Killing Our Marine Life - NaturalNews.com
... This noise could be killing ocean life. The study compared acoustic data recorded by the US Navy in the same area of San Nicolas Island west of San Diego. Results showed that noise ...
Frequent Mobile Phone Use Boosts Tumor Risk by 50 Percent - NaturalNews.com
... A 2004 Swedish study found that frequent users of mobile phones had a higher risk of developing noncancerous brain tumors known as acoustic neuroma. Search on GoodGopher.com Mobile ...
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