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5 Natural Spices That Reduce Blood Pressure
This condition is known as a "silent killer" because very often it will bring no warning signs with it, but can lead to fatal instances of heart attacks and strokes. The risks that ...
Asthma attacks news, articles and information:
Smog from gas and oil emissions will cause over 750,000 asthma attacks in children by 2025 ... Asthma attacks found to be caused by suppressed immune system 8/14/2006 - A study ...
Attacks news, articles and information:
... Trump was right again! Mainstream media broadcast from 2001 covers 'swarms' of Muslims cheering 9/11 attacks from rooftops 12/18/2015 - The mainstream media, as well as the ...
Strokes news, articles and information:
Ibuprofen, aspirin and OTC painkillers can cause deadly heart attacks and strokes, FDA ... strokes and heart attacks even in young people with no known cardiovascular risk factors. ...
Architecture news, articles and information:
New research: post-9/11 architecture of fear turns cities into police state zones 1/5/2011 - Almost a decade after the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., significant downtown areas in some ...
Explosion news, articles and information:
rocks China in string of covert attacks on industry 9/7/2015 - A fourth ... Oil Pulling is a Simple, Inexpensive Method to Improve Your Health 9/11: Article updated ...
Now that we know the FBI is corrupt and treasonous, it's time to revisit the "official...
In truth, the Pentagon was struck by a cruise missile fired by a deep state-controlled rogue element of the U.S. military. It was a classic false flag attack. The 9/11 attacks were ...
China is Openly GeoEngineering the Weather Over an Area Three Times the Size of Spain
... Now, six hours later, Beijing is still enjoying perfect conditions. What happened? According to Chinese Meterology News, there were four attacks on a bank of clouds that approached ...
Heart attacks news, articles and information:
attacks news, articles and information: Tweet Delicious Pin It Birth control pill causes heart attacks in some women 11/10/2015 - Birth control pills already known to increase the ...
Toxic dust news, articles and information:
After a decade of denial, US government finally admits 9/11 toxic dust causes cancer 9/19/2012 - Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, tens of thousands of emergency first ...
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