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Have you ever asked yourself what the possible dangers of 5G could be? - NaturalNews...
A government-funded study of 2G tech found that radiation from cell phones was linked to an increase in tumors of the brain and heart. A "statistically significant" increase in ...
NaturalNewsBlogs 5 Natural Spices That Reduce Blood Pressure
... In one case study involving some 58 patients suffering from both conditions, it was found that 2g of cinnamon daily help to reduce both blood pressure levels and the A1C, a blood ...
NaturalNewsBlogs 12 Collective Reason To Appreciate Nutrition-Packed Strawberries
... Fibre Fibre is essential for digestion, and every strawberry contains 2g of fibre. Regular consumption of strawberries will help prevent constipation and diverticulitis - the ...
NaturalNewsBlogs It's Back in a Big Way but is Butter Healthy or Not?
To put this into perspective, the average daily consumption of butter was: 1911 - 23.6g per person 2010 - 6.2g A significant decline for sure but what happened to cause this? ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Heidi Kristoffer, Author at NaturalNewsBlogs - Page 5 of 28
... A Homemade Carrot Recipe With 2 Ingredients to Remove Cough and Phlegm From Lungs Consume one large of this orange superfood, you can get 2g fiber : 8% RDV Vitamin A : 241% RDV ...
Search Results - NaturalNews.com
... One study carried out by the National Toxicology Program showed that 2G cell phone radiation can cause DNA damage and brain cancer in rats; it's hard to imagine what kind of damage ...
https://www.naturalnews.com/...hone radiation&pr=NN&jump=180
EMF pollution and chronic disease - The untold truth exposed - NaturalNews.com
... A $25 million study by the National Toxicology Program - designed to prove that cell phone radiation is safe - showed that 2G cell phone radiation causes brain cancer and DNA ...
NaturalNewsBlogs Think Outside of Fruits And Vegetables For Weight Loss Foods
... If you add one ounce of walnuts to your diet, you are getting 2.5g of omega 3 fats, 4g of protein and 2g of fiber. This will help you feel full. As a result, you will not eat as ...
Appetite-suppressing bread with fiber, protein, dried fruit can reduce calorie intake...
On the other hand, the control group's breakfast consisted of sliced white bread (85 grams [g]), jam (10g) and margarine (2g), and a glass of water. The results that analyzed the ...
Amazon looking to build "smart homes" with 5G - should you be concerned? - NaturalNews...
... There are already associations between current 2G, 3G, and 4G systems with brain cancer, ... The National Institutes of Health published a study that shows how 2G and 3G cell phone ...
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