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(Natural News) Joe has no idea what’s coming.

(Article by Karl Denninger republished from

I do.

He thinks the roughly 25% of Americans who “can” get a jab but refuse for Covid-19 will be “swayed” by his order.

He’s wrong; he might get a couple of percent of the 25%, but that’s it.


Because playing Hitler, which is exactly what he’s done (and now Kamala has done it too) not only doesn’t work it pisses people off.

Those who have refused thus far fall into three broad categories:

  • They’ve seen others they know get the jab and have a very bad outcome.  They’re unwilling because they know damn well its dangerous as they’ve seen it with their own eyes.  You cannot bull**** those people with “safe” since they’ve watched a loved one, close associate or someone in their immediate vicinity get hammered after taking it, and they’re not going to put their own ass in that position.  No way, no how.  They may in fact be willing to kill anyone who tries to enforce such a mandate on them because, as they see it, taking the jab means they’re dead already, so there is no downside to taking you to Hell with them.  I cannot argue with that logic.  Just last afternoon I saw an ambulance outside a local drugstore that dispenses jabs while waiting for a traffic light; the doors were open and the lights on.  That wasn’t a “pleasure call” and the several hundred people who witnessed it while at that intersection knew damn well what probably happened.  Nobody who sees a life-threatening or fatal incident associated with these jabs and has more than 2 firing neurons in their head is going to allow you anywhere near them with a needle.
  • They’re presumptively immune as they’ve had Covid-19 and recovered.  The CDC claims that, as of this point, that’s 41 million Americans.  For them there is zero benefit, prospective or otherwise, to taking the jab and they know it.  Even Washington’s much-ballyhooed “mandate” to take the smallpox inoculation by his troops (which killed a decent number of them, by the way) is bull**** for those individuals; Washington did not inoculate himself because he previously had smallpox and survived.  He wasn’t stupid and neither are these people.  This is not a small percentage of the population; by the NEJM numbers about 20% of the US Population as of May had been infected with and recovered from Covid-19.  Today, given the “summer surge”, that is very likely to be 25% or better and I would not take a bet it’s less than 1 in 3 since the CDC’s “tested positive” numbers exclude a huge number of people who were never tested but conclusively had Covid-19.  Incidentally, I’m among them, as I’ve detailed in these pages yet neither I or two other close associates are in the CDC’s numbers as none of us were ever tested or saw a physician for the disease yet we all, quite-clearly, had it and recovered.  Not accounting for that is criminally insane on the part of the Administration and legally, morally and ethically unsupportable.  The “mandate” will, I predict, fail for this reason alone in the fullness of time and legal challenge.  If I can self-attest to having had chicken pox (and I most-certainly can) then there’s no reason someone can’t in this case.
  • They’ve seen others they personally know who got the jab and then got infected and hammered.  They know the claim that it “prevents severe disease or death” is bull****.  They’ve seen with their own eyes a close associate or family member go from no symptoms to near death in a couple of days or less and know damn well what an unvaccinated person gets when they’re infected and gets hammered as we’ve all seen that on the TeeVee, from the punditry and in the statistics; typically you get the virus, develop symptoms and a week or more later you’re in bad enough shape to go to the ER.  When someone they know, who was jabbed, goes down the ****ter in 24 hours that irretrievably blows up any claim of “effective” and raises the specter of the jab making the infection worse.  Those people are in the same bucket as the first if you try to force them to take it as they’ve seen what happened to someone else.


Biden’s problem with these “mandates” is that both the second and third group are rapidly growing in size; every “infection” reported now, over 100,000 a day, is another person who has no reason to ever accept a jab.  Every ten days 1 million people are added to the group that have every legal, ethical, moral and medical reason to say “**** you!” to any Covid-19 jab mandate; these people got Covid-19 and survived; they have immunity and thus the jab offers them nothing.  Push them hard enough and some percentage of them may go medieval on anyone and everyone they assign blame to and no, there aren’t enough cops to stop that (never mind that some cops may be among them since they’ve been exposed and infected as “essential workers” for the last 18 months!) if that happens.

The only remaining group of-size are the young who today cannot get the jabs due to age.  The data is quite clear; these people are at severe risk of myocarditis and other potentially-fatal side effects from the jabs and that risk exceeds, for many of them, the risk of Covid itself.  Yes, there are morbid children and teens; among them are those who stuffed their faces for years and are the size of a refrigerator, which we know greatly increases risk of a bad outcome.  But for healthy children and teens the data is clear; Covid-19 presents a negligible risk to them of serious outcome or death but that is not true for the jabs which in fact, by the data, may put 1 in a few thousand into the hospital immediately with an unknown long-term risk of heart failure — ten times the risk of Covid-19 itself killing them.  You have to be nuts to force jabs on those people — you’ll create a whole lot of adults who may well seek vengeance if and when their kid is harmed or killed.

There are, I suspect, very few people left in the US who (1) have not taken a vaccine for Covid-19 and (2) do not fit into one of the above categories. As such a “mandate” is not only begging for serious trouble both in court and otherwise.  In short it’s stupid because the vast majority of those who it can reasonably help rather than hurt on-balance have taken it already.

The problem is that this was true in May and June, the NEJM study proves that antibody prevalence was sufficient to prevent any widespread outbreak of disease as of that point provided that the vaccines actually work.  But — the outbreak happened anyway and since we know prior infection is effective this means at best the jabs wear off and at worst the virus has mutated to be enhanced in those who got vaccinated.

You think not?  Israel was celebrating when they started Jab #3.  It was short-lived; within just a few weeks their case rate re-accelerated to the upside!  So much for that theory that “just one more” will solve the problem eh?  Tell me how this pattern does not implicate either evasion or, far worse, enhancement?

God help those who took the jab if that second scenario proves up — and there is an increasingly-broad body of evidence that it indeed may be true and the virus is evolving to produce exactly that outcome.  If, over time that does prove up then both the Trump and Biden Administrations, along with the pharmaceutical industry and everyone involved in both deserve to be destroyed as they will have placed over 200 million Americans at severe risk of serious disease and death by placing speed, profit and stupidity ahead of logic and science.

There’s no winning outcome available that has a reasonable probability of occurring when it comes to “mandates” folks.

Sorry, that’s the math.

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