YouTube now says documentaries are “hate speech” if Leftists don’t like what they have to say

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Image: YouTube now says documentaries are “hate speech” if Leftists don’t like what they have to say

(Natural News) The world premiere of Shadowgate, a new documentary film put together by Millie Weaver, also known as “Millennial Millie,” has been met by the arrest of Weaver herself and the systematic pulling of her film from tech platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

On the very same day that Weaver tried to upload Shadowgate to the web, local SWAT, it appears, showed up at her home in Ohio and took her away in handcuffs to the Portage County Jail in Ravenna. As this was happening, whistleblower “Tore,” who also had a copy of the film, immediately uploaded it as a failsafe.

But YouTube has been removing the film left and right based on claims that it contains “hate speech.” Every known copy of Shadowgate that was uploaded to YouTube is now gone, in other words, with the film only now available on platforms like Brighteon, where you can watch it in full below:

Weaver, an independent journalist, has since been charged with “robbery, tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice, and domestic violence,” all for simply telling the truth about how private entities are stealing people’s private information and using it against them to steal elections and steer public opinion.

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Shadowgate must have some truth in it, otherwise it wouldn’t be on the censorship block

The fact that Weaver appears to have been secretly indicted, according to the Portage County Sheriff’s Office, makes this situation even more peculiar and disturbing.


Though a woman claiming to be Weaver’s mother claims to have had a dispute with Weaver back in late April over a $50 mobile phone, this individual immediately dropped all charges. She is now in shock over the fact that her alleged daughter has been arrested on specious charges.

“Is this the Soviet Union or something?” asks Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. “Since when are U.S. citizens arrested after being charged under ‘secret grand jury indictments?'”

As we reported, Weaver has not even been told what she is being charged with, and the Portage County Jail is claiming that both Weaver and her husband are currently in custody.

According to Walter Fitzpatrick of The Washington Standard, Weaver, and presumably her husband, have both been falsely arrested and unlawfully imprisoned by “an unconstitutionally assembled collection of people appropriating the title of grand jury.”

“Millie Weaver’s grand jury, if it was an Ohio state grand jury, is a complete fraud,” he adds. “Her arrest can be quashed and she can be released to freedom right now. Incidentally, this is precisely the type and kind of jury fixing, jury tampering, jury rigging Millie addresses in the last 25 minutes or so of ‘Shadow Gate.'”

The irony, of course, is that Weaver’s film exposes this type of fraud and deception taking place behind closed doors by the “shadow government,” or what many people now refer to as the deep state.

Her work exposes this and other corruption that the world needs to know about if there is any hope of putting an end to such evil. Thankfully, her film is still out there and available on alternative platforms like Brighteon that will never censor it.

“And thus they proved that the documentary was spot-on or they wouldn’t be so scared of it,” wrote one commenter, illustrating that Weaver is on to something with the film.

“This whole thing is horribly, charcoal-burningly outrageous!” stated another. “The Globalist Left is petrified-scared of different ideas coming out and being disseminated to a lockdown-weary public that yearns for freedom and police protection from the violent anarchist mobs that are committing mayhem, savagery, and physical attacks in various Democrat-run cities across America!”

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