It’s dangerous to ignore proof that hydroxychloroquine can save high-risk patients’ lives, doctor warns

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Image: It’s dangerous to ignore proof that hydroxychloroquine can save high-risk patients’ lives, doctor warns

(Natural News) When we see figures like 165,000 Americans dying from COVID-19, the first question that comes to mind for a lot of people is, “Why can’t something be done about this?

According to experts like Yale School of Public Health epidemiology professor Dr. Harvey Risch, the answer is that something can be done – but few are actually doing it.

Writing in the Washington Examiner, he explains how hydroxychloroquine, or HCQ, is unquestionably effective when used as an early treatment alongside zinc and antibiotics such as doxycycline or azithromycin.

After outlining the stellar record of this treatment in publications such as Newsweek and the American Journal of Epidemiology, he has had his competence called into question by figures like Dr. Anthony Fauci, and some of his Yale colleagues have implied he is perpetrating a conspiracy theory.

Unfortunately, all this mud-slinging is drawing attention away from his life-saving message. Dr. Risch says the evidence is clear when it comes to the safety of this treatment for high-risk patients: There is not a single credible study providing any evidence against it.

He says that to sort through all the conflicting information out there, it is important to understand that there are two stages in a COVID-19 infection. The first resembles the flu and is not deadly. High-risk patients who start the triple treatment at this stage will recover. However, those high-risk patients who are not treated may then progress into a stage where they develop severe pneumonia and organ damage; HCQ is not effective in this stage. So when we hear that it doesn’t help, it is important to distinguish which stage is being discussed.


He also addresses the studies that have said it has no benefit. It’s important to realize that most of the low-risk patients who get the illness will survive it without treatment. This means that no medicine is going to show a benefit; they were likely to overcome it on their own. People younger than 60 who do not have chronic conditions like obesity, hypertension or diabetes and who are not immunocompromised might not need anything at all. It’s the high-risk patients who need this treatment to benefit, and they need to get it at the first hint of a symptom.

In the randomized controlled trials that have been carried out, this early outpatient treatment was given to low-risk patients who aren’t normally treated anyway. Because so few of them ended up needing hospitalization, they naturally didn’t find any significant differences. Just one such study has included some high-risk patients as well, and that one did find that the treatment reduced the risk of a negative outcome by half.

Therefore, he says that when doctors claim that the science shows it doesn’t work in outpatients, they are really telling you that they aren’t able to make the distinction between low-risk patients who don’t generally get treated and high-risk ones who need fast treatment. He believes doctors who fail to see the difference here shouldn’t be treating COVID-19 patients in the first place.

Plenty of doctors know HCQ works, but few are willing to go on the record

As for the questions about its safety, the black letter warning the FDA placed on HCQ was based on data from severely ill hospitalized patients, which is not a reasonable comparison to outpatients in the early stages of the disease.

So what’s really going on here? With the FDA getting a third of its funding from drug companies, they’re highly motivated to keep the truth about HCQ quiet. It doesn’t generate much in the way of profits, and if it becomes the standard treatment, all those pricier patented COVID-19 medications and vaccines will have no reason to exist, and Big Pharma will lose out on billions in profits.

Dr. Risch isn’t the only one brave enough to speak about this treatment; Dr. Stella Immanuel gave a speech about how she cured more than 350 patients with 100 percent effectiveness using it. However, there are countless doctors who aren’t as willing to go on the record. Dr. Risch closes his piece by asking why the many other doctors who know this can help people are staying silent about it as people around the world continue to die.

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