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Vaccine DEEP STATE Behind the Recent Sabotage Attacks on Natural News

January 23, 2020, by Mike Adams, editor, Natural News

After two days of investigations involving several lawyers and a private investigator, we have identified the source of the attacks on Natural News. It turns out our original fears were not quite right. Rather than "cyber warfare," it turns out that Natural News was the target of industry sabotage.

The source of the sabotage is the vaccine deep state, a secretive, fascist cabal of operators with ties to both Big Pharma and the pro-vaccine branches of the federal government (NIH, CDC, FDA).

Natural News has now learned that this vaccine deep state has gained control over a federal court and is now issuing secret, extrajudicial orders to tech companies that order them to disrupt or deplatform so-called "anti-vax" publishers and news organizations. It is no exaggeration to say that the vaccine deep state now runs its own secret court system that issues sabotage orders to disrupt independent media publishers.

The rampant de-platforming of vaccine skeptics across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter was almost certainly accomplished through this secret court mechanism. This is why so many vaccine truth channels were simultaneously de-platformed by the tech giants.

Natural News has also learned that many other independent publishers are about to be impacted by the same secret court orders. The publishers who are targeted in these operations are given no notice and no chance to challenge the illegality of such orders. Tech companies are ordered into silence and told they cannot communicate with the parties who are affected.

These "sabotage orders" are then suddenly enacted in secret, with no warning at all. They cannot be found through regular searches through court documents, either. One attorney who reviewed the items we found was astonished, saying he'd never seen anything like this before.

The sabotage order recently issued against Natural News was, we have learned, a "warning shot" to prove that the vaccine deep state can now deplatform any publisher it chooses, for any length of time it wants. Even more horrifying, the vaccine deep state appears to be able to seize any domain name it wants by simply issuing a secret court order to the domain name registrar that holds the name.

For this reason, all publishers who hope to defend against these nefarious actions must immediately seek to move both their website hosting and domain name registrations out of U.S. jurisdiction, where U.S. court orders are far less likely to be enforced.

The vaccine deep state is now at war with humanity and is systematically working to silence all pro-human voices that question the false narratives of the vaccine industry. No doubt the same heavy handed tactics will soon expand to target websites that are opposed to pesticides, GMOs, fluoride or chemotherapy. This is a whole new level of tyranny on the 'net, and President Trump continues to do absolutely nothing to stop this techno-fascist tyranny from expanding.

We now live in a nation where any publisher can be taken offline at any moment, without notice, simply because the vaccine industry doesn't want you to have a voice. This is what America has come to under the total fascism of what I call the "pharma state."

Watch my mini-documentary below for more details: