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If Our Breasts Were Speaking, What Would They Say to Us?

Sunday, March 30, 2008 by: Lisa Kates DHMS
Tags: breast health, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) As a Homeopathic Doctor, I would like to present some alternative ideas on why our struggles - major and minor - might become stressors and their influence on breast health. Both our thinking and life choices are affecting our health in ways that we never suspected.

Our breasts represent all that is life in a woman. So what's the message being revealed? If we get a pain in our stomach, we might think we've eaten something a little off; a headache after too much coffee; leg cramps from lack of calcium; shoulder pain from stress. What is the significance of lumps, gathering and hardening in and over our heart chakra?

Our breasts represent "mother" - nurturing and nourishment. How many women today really feel nurtured and nourished? Are we taking time for ourselves? With the variety roles and hats we find ourselves playing, are we getting nourished back?

How many women are medicated to numb the pain in their hearts, minds and bodies which result in a loss of touch with their inner selves? As a homeopathic prescriber, I see our efforts to escape reality is creating a severe imbalance both on the physical and psycho-spiritual bodies. We are attempting to bandage symptoms that should not be ignored. If our breasts could speak what would they say? Are they emitting a signal to awaken our emotional vortex?

Studies are inconclusive on why we might get this specific cancer. The stats tell us that genetics, diet, environmental poisoning, radiation and a variety of other shocks are contributing factors to cancer. I believe this to be true. We certainly cannot discount our emotional health and its influence on our breast health. We know that repressing our emotions and stress influences our hormonal equilibrium.

So, we need to ask ourselves:

How can we receive nourishment and love when we are so busy, especially doing tasks that bring us little fulfillment? How do we find time and energy to nourish ourselves, especially if our primary relationships are not emotionally sustaining or substantial? How many women lovingly support others and, in this process, downplay their own needs? How should we feel about our daughters living with little support or love in an emotionally and morally bankrupt society? And one more "how:" How can we as women keep from being influenced by a superficial media mindset that replaces fulfillment with one that is driven by consumerism and vanity.

The hormone connection with this cancer and other female cancers play out quite strongly. Imbalances in estrogen and other horomones creates havoc with a woman's body. Did you know that consuming over 4 drinks per week increases your chances to develop breast cancer by 50%. How many nights have you ravaged thru your cupboards for chocolate and other sweets to balance out your hormones. The sex hormones play a valid role here. Is it any wonder that Valentine's Day is validated by chocolate?

As a homeopathic doctor, health advocate and someone who has been in the emotional trenches, I've questioned, counseled, researched and spoken with other alternative professionals about their experience and ideas. I want to offer some alternative suggestions that may counter the mainstream medical methodology.

To keep your breast and body healthy, a number of studies validate that women who consume a vegan-vegetarian diet have substantially lower levels of breast disease. That means eating grains, beans, vegetables, sea vegetables, not potatoe chips and French fries.

Breastfeeding lowers the incidence of breast disease between generations.

I hear a lot spoken about early detection. Personally, I do not endorse mammography. It would be my own choice to not radiate my breasts. I need to honor, not destroy them. There are other ways to determine early detection. Instead of radiation you can try thermography as an alternative. Many times suspicious lumps turn out to be benign. Seeing a homeopathic prescriber during a suspicious diagnosis can accelerate healing and reduce some of the anxiety of not knowing what is going on in your body.

I will share a personal story that I hope you will find helpful. In one of the darkest days of my severed relationship, my left breast turned hard. It hurt, and I was scared. Several alternative modalities alleviated some of the hardness and continuous pain I felt.

I went to a trusted friend who had become a hands on healer. In a private session she put her hand over my breast. I felt her energy permeate me. Her touch was understanding and kind. I suddenly exhaled a long breath that released a flow of tears, an avalanche of cries and what seemed like endless sobbing. I even screamed and lost myself in an overwhelming fit of sadness and rage. Susan made it safe for these long suppressed feelings to emerge.

Body work combined with homeopathics specifically and professionally prescribed also hastened healing; the release was profound. I continue to revitalize my sense of purpose, make healthier food choices (no coffee, sugar or junk food) and lifestyle choices, get bodywork (and remind myself that I deserve it) and within a short time, the pain and hardness simply, went away.

Write me, tell me, how you connect to this article. I know a lot of what I say is controversial to mainstream breast cancer philosophy. However, I feel that a lot of our pain and illness can be attributed to the emotional imbalance we find in our lives.

Become your own health advocate.

About the author

Lisa Kates DHMS
Doctor Of Homeopathic Medicine
Can be contacted for questions/consultations at
[email protected]

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