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Keep Your Breasts!: Preventing Breast Cancer the Natural Way

by Susan Moss, published by Resource Publications (1994-09)

Buy now from Amazon.com for $19.95
Amazon rating of 4.0 out of 5, Amazon sales rank: 988379

Editor's Review:

Deepak Chopra says, "Every woman considering any form of breast cancer treatment should read this wonderful book."

Susan Moss healed herself of breast and uterine cancer without drugs or surgery, utilyzing an entirely natural health program she calls MOTEP. Women and men around the world are now learning the truth about cancer: how to prevent, heal, and prevent recurrance on a natural health program. The author backs up all her conclusions with scientific research and gives the latest information put into a perspective everyone can comprehend and actually use. Readers are defeating cancer and getting well. They keep this book by their beds because it has all the tools they need and the assurances and explanations to give them peace of mind.

Reader Reviews:

Our time has come, a must read!
Susan Moss unwraps the medical establishment with her out of the box innovations regarding the history of breast cancer treatment in this country. Opposing the 'big business' of breast cancer in Keep Your Breasts she revealed a number of dueable steps known as 'MOTEP' to rid oneself of the breast cancer mentality. I first heard Susan Moss interviewed on FM radio and was amazed by her unpretentious super intelligent but loving attitude and information. She applied this to the non-invasive but intensive 20 WOTEP steps to healing. All women should read this book and share it with their loved ones.

I LOVED this book!! Thank you, Susan Moss, for having the guts to believe in yourself and go up against conventional wisdom, and to write about it with such verve. I had a brush with the Breast Cancer Machine when my mammogram showed suspicious microcalcifications and my needle biopsy showed atypical ductal hyperplasia. My health care professionals insisted that I get a surgical biopsy to the tune of three thousand dollars to rule out cancer. Instead, I chose to see this as a wake-up call and to inform myself about how to strengthen my immune system and love of life. I probably wouldn't follow Moss's example if I had a lump diagnosed as cancer, but in such a circumstance I would at the minimum refuse chemotherapy. As Moss points out, and as I heard Candace Pert point out in her recording "Your Body Is Your Subconscious Mind," there is no clinical evidence that chemo helps women with breast cancer.

I'd like to see a lot more thinking outside the box of cut, poison, burn in response to cancer. Moss is a pioneer.I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast in August 2002. Then I went to the Cancer Control Society's annual convention and met Susan Moss and got her book Keep your breasts. It and her motivated me to cancel a scheduled lumpectomy and take the alternative route. Now I am so glad I did, as the tumor is half the size and Dr. Privitera says it can very well only be a fibroid tumor at this point, as it is in the nature of cancer to grow and not shrink. If I had chosen the allopathic route I would be sitting here with a big dent in my chest and no hair or immune system to speak of, and instead I feel better and more alive than ever. If you have cancer, don't you want to do everything to support your body in the fight against it rather than tear it down until it eventually gives up? Please read this book!This book is ahead of its time. No chemotherapy, no radiation, nor any surgery was involved in the author's healing from breast and uterine cancer. She devised a health program that included her physical and mental as well as spiritual well-being. By supporting her immune system, instead of destroying it, she rebuilt her body back into health. This is the future of mind/body medicine, alternative medicine. It should be read by everyone who wants to know more about health care than only traditional medical methods. ...Having lost a sister to breast cancer, and met Susan Moss at a book expo, I got the book and read it. I realize there is tremendous conflict surrounding this dreaded disease. Much of Susan's writing is from her experience and needs to be heard. She urges anyone to look at certain things, and to question their beliefs about cancer. I have always seen that people are either self-motivated and creative -- like an artist -- or receptive to current belief systems. If you cannot figure your way through, as Susan Moss did, the myriad of treatments out there, using her own common sense and experimentation, you are going to become a victim. She faced the foe, learned a lot from her experience and kicked cancer.
If people don't associate emotions with cellular health it is due to ignorance. All the latest research shows a direct correlation with emotional frequencies and physical well-being. Some of those who dislike this book seem to write with a lot of anger, even rage. I hope they lighten up.
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