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Healing Hepatitis C with Modern Chinese Medicine

by Qingcai Zhang, published by Sino-Med Institute (2000-05-01)

Buy now from Amazon.com for $18.50
Amazon rating of 4.5 out of 5, Amazon sales rank: 96220

Editor's Review:

Healing Hepatitis C with Modern Chinese Medicine is the complete guide for the simple and successful treatment of Hepatitis C. It is the result of over 1,000 patients who have responded and regained their health from Dr. Zhang's herbal therapy.

This book provides the reader a means to recapture health and emotional well-being from the damaging effects of hepatitis C virus. It shows how a very simple herbal treatment program is highly effective, safe, non-toxic and without side-effects. The book explains how unlike some drug treatments for Hepatitis C, modern Chinese herbal therapy is based on thousands of years of experience. Millions of people have been able to regain their health. Now, the reader can also.

Reader Reviews:

I bought this book for a buddy who isn't online. Hard working carpenter, family man and a good person in his late 50's Likely picked up hep in the military with a blood transfusion, he'll never know. He's been through the Pegasus treatment, it hadn't worked but had about broken them financially, as well as being very hard on him physically. They wanted him to do it again. His blood work indicated he was actually worse than before he did it.

So he asks me to buy another book from Amazon about herbs and hep C, and i do, but see this and i bought it for him. Actually fealt moved to buy it for him. He ended up calling Dr. Zhang and going to him. He's well now. This costs a fraction of the Pegasus treatment ahd wasn't hard on him physically. But i repeat the actual bottom line. His blood work say's he's got it well under control. True story. He asked me to be sure to put it out on the web. He's still something of a luddite. But he's a healthy luddite now. A reviewer on this page takes issue with the fact that Hepa-Pro SELLS these herbs. Get real. Do you expect them to give them away? I, for one, am greatful to have a place to purchase these formulations; formulations that have worked for liver ailments in the Far East for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. The only proof I need is that, like the other reviewers here (and countless others) I am in much better health since I began the protocols about 17 months ago. Normalized enzymes, viral-load 1/3 of what it was and symptoms disappeared (I didn't even know why I felt the way I did). As for FDA approval, it will never happen. Why? There is no money in herbs. The pharmaceutical companies will lobby to block their approval. They would much rather SELL THEIR drugs - which HAVE NOT been shown to work. Anyone with HCV should at least check out this info with an open mind.If you are impressed by the fact that this protocal is recommeded by Andrew Weil, go read about him some. This protocal may work, but there is no evidence for it. The author presents a book full of statements, unverified case studies, and an unsupported study alleging 75 individuals with no FDA or governmental association for the study. The herbal regimen recommended, using the supplies from the recommended HepaPro corporation costs about [money] per month including discounts, less shipping. After about a year of this, if your Hep C LFTs are normalized, the maintenance regimen is about [money] per month - forever.Dr. Zhang has an incredibly sensible approach to staying healthy and treating this disease, a disease that is vastly over treated by conventional medicine. It is the first book about Hepatitis C I have ever read that made me feel better about Hep C when I read it, rather than sick to my stomach.I was diagnosed with HCV in 1996. I was exposed to the virus in 1986 when I was in a car accident and suffered a liver injury. (I received many blood transfusions.) Because of this injury, I had been receiving bi-annual liver tests for 10 years, right up to the time I tested positive for Hep C. All along, I had thought that my mildly elevated liver enzymes were from the car accident. I mention this because, unlike most Hep C patients, I had a solid decade of liver testing BEFORE undergoing treatment with Dr. Zhang. Each and every test showed mildly elevated liver enzymes. Within 3 months of starting Dr. Zhang's treatment, my liver enzymes normalized -- and they have remained normal for over four years. I have referred many people to Dr. Zhang, and wish I could let every single person with HCV know of him and his treatment. In addition to being a brilliant, dedicated doctor, Dr. Zhang and his wife, Lily, always make me feel loved and cared for. These two elements: a treament that really works AND kind-heartedness are a combination we rarely find in western medicine. Thanks and blessings to Dr. Zhang!
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