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Simply Natural Baby Food: Easy Recipes for Delicious Meals Your Infant and Toddler Will Love

by Cathe Olson, published by 2003-01-01 (Goco Pub.)

Buy now from Amazon.com for $12.95
Amazon rating of 4.5 out of 5, Amazon sales rank: 2608

Editor's Review:

When feeding babies, parents need to think outside the box—or the jar. Infants develop more rapidly in the first two years than they will in any other period of their lives. Over processed foods containing chemicals, preservatives, pesticide residue, and genetically engineered ingredients cannot nourish a growing baby. Infants need fresh, natural foods just like the rest of us.

Eating well can be easy, fun, and inexpensive. "Simply Natural Baby Food" gives you practical recipes to prepare whole foods that won’t tie you to the kitchen. Best of all, your children will learn good eating habits that will last a lifetime. There is a chapter for each stage of a baby’s eating development from first solid foods to fun recipes for toddlers. Tips are interspersed throughout the book to give the reader advice on cutting preparation time, helping baby to gain feeding independence, and getting maximum nutrition into baby’s meals.

The book contains detailed recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, desserts, and beverages, including infant cereals, whole-grain crackers, sugar-free sweets, and non-diary nut and seed milks. Parents will appreciate the imaginative ways vegetables are incorporated into meals. For the child with allergies, many wheat-free, diary-free, and egg-free recipes have been included. "Simply Natural Baby Food" promotes a plant-based diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, sea vegetables, nuts and seeds are emphasized. There are recipes containing dairy products, fish, and poultry because, eaten in moderation, these foods contain important nutrients, but vegetarian and vegan alternatives are provided for virtually every recipe.

Find out how easy it is to prepare your own baby food. You'll save money and give your child the best possible start.

Reader Reviews:

I wanted to cook my own baby food and this book has helped me with simple recipes that can be more diverse and natural than even the organic brands of stage 1 - 3 foods for infants and later, toddler recipes. Always do what your pediatrician recommends, but Olson provided good guidelines for our baby and lifestyle in recipes within each age range. I cook and live in a big city, so the ingredients were very simple to find and I was already familiar with most of them. It just helped for someone else to have already done the math and combinations for simple baby food recipes. Very pleased!Cathe Olson has created a fantastic cookbook that offers you simple-to-make recipes with extremely healthy ingredients that you can feel really good about feeding to your baby or toddler. I think it is very important to feed your baby the best, most natural foods when they are young; not only to start them off with the most healthy "building blocks" for their growing bodies, but also so that the child comes to appreciate the various tastes and textures of "real", natural food, instead of the highly processed, prepackaged children's meals that are out there.
Cathe has wonderful pureed recipes for very young infants (purple puree with made with red cabbage and other great ingredients was my daughter's favorite!), and then she introduces more chunky recipes for older babies and toddlers. There is a fun section full of easy and unique sandwich ideas, and some delicious dessert recipes for toddlers (and adults!) that don't even contain sugar.
I also really appreciate all of the helpful cooking, storing, and feeding hints that are scattered throughout the book. Extremely helpful are her instructions on how to cook brown rice and various grains and legumes for infants; it's great to know how much water to use and the cooking times when making these staple foods for babies.
Cathe offers both vegetarian and meat options for the older baby/toddler recipes, so you can take your pick there. She has introduced me to some really interesting (and natural, of course) salt and sugar alternatives, and her use of using sea vegetables to increase the nutrition of foods was also quite enlightening for me. All in all, a great book for anyone wanting some creative and healthful recipes for your infant and toddler!This book is a godsend to parents who want to make their own baby food and aren't sure how to do it or what to make.

The book is broken down by age range so you can concentrate on making foods that are appropriate for the range your child is in. Cooking and parenting tips are generously scattered throughout the book as well. The recipes are healthy, quick to prepare, and wholesome.This book is GREAT!!! My son loves the recipes that I make for him and I love how easy it is.Simply Natural Baby Foods by Cathe Olson is a Must Have for any parent wanting to provide nutritious snacks and meals for children of all ages not just infants and toddlers.

When my children were diagnosed with food allergies, I took a look at what I thought was healthy eating and saw that there was room for improvement. I was afraid to order yet another cookbook, not sure if we could utilize the recipies. After emailing the author, she was more than willing to assist me in making exchanges for ingredients we can not eat, so that we could fully enjoy her cookbook. I wish I had this book 4 years ago.

If you don't want your children eating processed, chemical laden foods, but don't know what to feed them, THIS BOOK HAS THE ANSWERS. The recipies are just as the title says "simply & natural" basically real food. My family has loved everything I have made from it. I can't say enough good things about this book, someday your children will thank you for caring enough to buy and use this book.

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